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COSSMA is published in Chinese!

Together with our Chinese Partner “China Cosmetic Review”, the first Chinese edition was published in May 2014. "Chinese Cosmetic Review " was founded in 1992 and is supported by the China Federation of Commerce. China Cosmetic Review is the only official publication in China targeted at the  Chinese cosmetics and toiletries industry.

Contents/ Topics COSSMA China, 2nd issue 2015 (published in May 2015)

Contents/ Topics COSSMA China, 1st issue 2015 (published in March 2015)

Contents/ Topics COSSMA China, 3d issue (published in November 2014)

Contents/ Topics COSSMA China, 2nd issue (published in July 2014)

Contents/ Topics COSSMA China, 1st issue (published in May 2014)

Media Profile, Circulation Breakdown, Technical Specs, Advertising Rates

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Media Profile, Circulation Breakdown & Advertising Rates


Together with our Chinese Partner “China Cosmetic Review”, the first Chinese edition has been published in May 2014. "Chinese Cosmetic Review " was founded in 1992 and is supported by the China Federation of Commerce. China Cosmetic Review is the only official publication in China targeted at the  Chinese cosmetics and toiletries industry.

COSSMA is targeted at the personal care and cosmetics manufacturing industry worldwide. It carries regular reports on ingredients and their applications, research and development, packaging and design, aerosol and spray technology, machines and equipment, and service providers to the cosmetics industry. In addition the magazine covers major industry events and exhibitions.

COSSMA’s editorial concept distils complex,detailed information down to the essentials and is essential reading for decision makers in the cosmetics industry. COSSMA international edition is published monthly in two printed versions in English and German as well as in two interactive e-Papers AND two PDF editions in English and German. With your standard booking, your advert will automatically be placed in both language versions without any extra cost.

Target Group of Chinese Edition

  • Chinese Cosmetic Manufacters
    (CEO, Technical Director, Marketing Director, Sales Director, Managing Director)
  • Cosmetic Distribution Channels (Department stores, drug stores, major distribution chains)
  • Chemical Industry, Ingredient Providers
  • Legal Authorities for Cosmetics Manufacturing & Distribution,
  • Associations for Research and Development,
  • Consultants, Sales Agents,
  • Personal & Recruitment Officials

Publication dates, Advertising and Copy Deadline for all issues COSSMA China in 2014

  • COSSMA China 1/2014 (published in May 2014)
  • COSSMA China 2/2014 (published in July 2014)
  • COSSMA China 3/2014:
    advertising & copy deadline: September 26th  2014
    to be published end of October 2014

Technical Specifications for Artwork:
Please send artwork as a tiff-file and include a 3 mm bleed edge around your artwork!

Frequency of Chinese Edition:
to be published quarterly, 4 times per year (starting with 3 issues in 2014)

Printed Copies per issue for  Chinese Edition:
3.000 copies

COSSMA China, issue 2/2015 (May)

Translated Articles and their origin:

From COSSMA 3/2015:

  • EU environmental label for rinse-off cosmetic products – New revised criteria
    (by Marcus Gast, German Federal Environment Agency)
  • Halal Cosmetics – A new trend awakens?
    (Interview with Dr. Yavuz Özoguz, Halal Zertifikat)
  • The cosmetics market in Greater China – How to make the most of the market
    (by Mei Gräfe, Intergate Consulting)
  • Fragrance allergens – Impact on cosmetics products – why, when and how?
    (by Kim Rich, Procter & Gamble)
  • In-Cosmetics 2015 trends presentations preview – The latest global trends
    (by Imogen Matthews, In-Cosmetics Consultant)
  • The world of smells and fragrances
    (by Elena Pérez and Sandra Iruela, Sandir)
  • Epigenetics: A hot topic for research
    (by Dr. Daniel Cortazar, Biolytix)
  • Versatility of oils
    (by Elisabeth Bouhadana, L’Oréal)
  • Small, but effective – Microcapsules for scent and freshness
    (by Stefanie Klimpke, Follmann)

From COSSMA 1-2/2015:

  • New market study: Relatively optimistic future outlook – Beauty salons in Germany 2014
    (by Jürgen Volpp, Health and Beauty Germany)
  • Where do we draw the line? The A to Z of cosmetics
    (by Dr. Gerd Mildau, CVUA)
  • “Berry good!” – Natural skin care with berry wax
    (by Martina Heldermann, Kahlwax)

COSSMA China, issue 1/2015 (March)

Translated Articles and their origin:

From COSSMA 2/2015:

  • The current status and challenges: The natural and organic market
    (by Imogen Matthews, consultant to In-Cosmetics)
  • German cosmetics and household goods markets in 2014 – Moderate growth
    (by Thomas Keiser, IKW; Rainer Anskinewitsch, IRI)
  • International launches in sun care
    (by Vivienne Rudd, Mintel)
  • Sun care enters a new era
    (by Nicole Tyrimou, Euromonitor)
  • Sun care made easy
    (by Uli Osterwalder, Matthias Hloucha, BASF)
  • Unsung heroes of skin protection – Sunscreens
    (by Caroline Ploton, DSM Nutritional Products)

COSSMA China, issue 3/2014 (November)

Planning Translated Articles and their origin:

From COSSMA 8/2014:

  • page 10 Natural Cosmetics in Russia: Growth despite the economic crisis?
    (by Dr. Kirsten Hüttner, Rus Expert)
  • page 14 A natural, and complete protection against skin ageing
    (by Dr. Alain Khaiat, Seers Consulting)
  • page 22 Vegan cosmetics: Limitations in formulating?'
    ( contains statements of representatives of Logocos Cosmetics, Mann & Schröder, Annemarie Börlind, Primavera, Farfalla, Taoasis Natural Fragrances)
  • page 32 Forum Cosmeticum 2014: Fit for the future  
    (contains statements of representatives of Information Resources, Mibelle Biochemistry, Impag, University of Vienna, Induchem, DWI, Evonik, Indena, Centerox, Henkel, Dr. Straetmans, DermaTronnier, IKW, Austrian Ministry of Health, SGS Austria, Schülke & Mayr )

COSSMA China, issue 2/2014 (July)

Planning Translated Articles and their origin:

From COSSMA 4/2014:

  • page 12 Body Care Creams – Smart Actives (by Rainer Kröpke, Cosmetic Consulting)
  • page 14 Improved sun protection – Multi-talented new film formers   
    (by Laurie Marshall, AkzoNobel)
  • page 16 International Launches in Sun Care (by Vivienne Rudd, Mintel)
  • page 32 Nutricosmetics- what’s next after Doctor Brands? (by Angela Kleiner, Croda)

From COSSMA 5/2014:

  • page 10 Purity from Nature (by Leslie Schlüter, Sederma)
  • page 12 Facial Rejuvenation without invasive treatment (by Marta Rull, Lipotec)
  • page 14 Real innovation – more than creative claims (by Christophe Paillet, Exsymol)
  • page 26 Packaging materials for cosmetics: Special Demands 
    (by Dr. Andrea Kühn, Wala Heilmittel)

From COSSMA 6/2014:

  • page 10 International Hair Care Market (by Oru Mohiuddin, Euromonitor)
  • page 16 Hair Conditioner Concepts for different consumers (by Bettina Jackwerth, BASF)
  • page 22 In-Cosmetics: Global Trends at a glance 
    (by Imogen Matthews, Consultant to In-Cosmetics)
  • page 28 In-Cosmetic review: New Hair Care Ingredients on show

COSSMA China, issue 1/2014 (May)

Translated Articles and their origin:

From COSSMA 10/2013:

  • page 12 Makingyour lipstick a multi-task product  (by Gabriele Witte, Merck)
  • page 30 Luxe Pack Preview 2013
  • page 34 Packaging to appeal to the senses (by Lars Scheidweiler, Sappi)
  • page 37 Retail cartons – intelligent packaging  (by Uwe Geisenhanslüke, Topac)

From COSSMA 12/2013:

  • page 12 New testing method for hair care actives (by Angela Kleiner, Croda)
  • page 27 New frangrance trends for laundry care (by Christian Düllberg, Düllberg Konzentra)
  • page 38 Hair coloration – packed at speed (by Gerald Schubert, Gerhard Schubert GmbH)

From COSSMA 1-2/2014:

  • page 10 Sun Care Trends for the Future
  • page 16 Trends in cosmetceuticals (by Imogen Matthews, Consultant to In-Cosmetics)
  • page 18 Mango Butter- Fruity and exotic (by Maria Kaiser, kaiserqualität)
  • page 28 Natrual cosmetics – a close look to natural actives
    (by Prof. Dr. Heike Raddatz, Hochschule Trier)
  • page 26 Different surfactant cominations – foam isn’t enough
    (by Prof. Gassenmeier, Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe)
  • page 29 New starch ingredient for elegant products (by Laurie Marshall, Akzo Nobel)

From COSSMA 3/2014:

  • page 10 Natural cosmetics: Greener production processes
  • page 14 Efficacy tests: Genetic testing by skin model analysis
    (by Dr. Bernd Becker, Molcare consulting)
  • page 18 Fragrance Trends: New orientals and new technologies
  • page 20 Fragrances – how much does colour matter? (by Claudia Valder, Frey & Lau)

Contact COSSMA China

Contact Data / Sales Contact Europe:
Health and Beauty Germany GmbH
COSSMA magazine, Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 2, 76275 Ettlingen, Germany

Contact Data COSSMA China:
China Cosmetics Review CCR
Chaoyangmenwai Street No.12
Kuntai International Apartment
12th Floor, Room 1202
10020 Beijing, China
Phone. +86 10 58790556


The 1st issue of COSSMA's sister publication BEAUTY FORUM 美 智 China Edition was launched in December 2013.

Click here to view the e-Paper of BEAUTY FORUM China

Download Sample Copy BEAUTY FORUM China (PDF, 7MB)

Download Media Kit BEAUTY FORUM China (Circulation Breakdown, Profile, Advertising Rates)

This international beauty professional magazine in China provides professional information in technique, products, market news and events, demo, image photos, experts' interview, even seminars, etc. It offers a platform for information exchange from West to East and makes for clients from overseas who wish to enter the Chinese market. BEAUTY FORUM China editions will be published 6 times per year with a circulation of 30,000 cps. The focusing markets are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chungzhing ect.

Germany's most read trade magazine for professional beauticians (based on an industry survey carried out in 2010/2011 among cosmetics professionals*) is aimed at owners and staff in cosmetics salons, foot care studios, beauty farms, cosmetic training Establishments and other beauty professionals. It offers fully up-to- date information on the most important topics of interest to the sector: skin care, dermatology, natural cosmetics, decorative cosmetics and style, wellness, foot care, hand and nail care, cosmetic training an Business management and is as well distributed at industry events and exhibitions.

Renee Lee , Health and Beauty's Partner in Hongkong und Shanghai will be happy to help you with further information.

Contact BEAUTY FORUM China:

Health & Beauty Marketing China Limited
Room 917, 9/F,
Kwong Loong Tai Building,
1016-1018 Tai Nan West Street,
Cheung Sha Wan,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
TEL:(852)-3590 4650
FAX:(852)-3590 4670

G/F., Building 2, 876 Jiangsu Road,
Shanghai 200052
TEL:(86)-021 6481 2269
FAX:(86)-021 6252 0713

You can of course also contact the Germany-based media sales team:
Key Account Manager Crossmedia/Multimedia: Sandra Rienow, Tel.: 07243 7278-139
Verlagsrepräsentanz Nord: Brigitte Thöne, Tel.: 0211 676336