Market Surveys in COSSMA: Suppliers for the cosmetics industry

COSSMA publishes market surveys on the most important suppliers and service providers to the cosmetics and personal care industry. The surveys are updated once a year.

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Market Survey Packaging Providers


Primary & secondary packaging, packaging services and machines for the
cosmetics, personal care and detergent industry

Packaging is paramount when it comes to dressing up your latest product concept. But which packaging suppliers offer which packaging items? And which services go with their prod-ucts? Our fully updated market survey of packaging suppliers will tell you. The clearly structured tabular layout lets you see at a glance which suppliers offer which types of products, and what is more, you can also see at a glance what each supplier specialises in. 

A new product comprises a new and innovative formulation on the one hand and appealing packaging on the other. 

And, as it is the packaging that serves as the eye-catcher at the point of sale, coming up with a packaging that intrigues the consumer is of the utmost importance. After all, your product will not be the only one on the shelf waiting to be bought by the consumer. 

These days, when time to market is becoming more and more important and cost-saving solutions are key, standard products are a feasible option if they can be customised in a way that makes them stand out. It is fascinating to see how one and the same standard product can be made to look unique just by using different types of caps, colours and finishes. 

While packaging must create a convincing visual impact, it is important to bear in mind that packaging has to be fully aligned with the overall product concept; only then will it con-tribute to the buying decision. 

Selecting a suitable packaging supplier

There is a large number of packaging suppliers available, and perhaps you have only a few of them on your radar, in particular when you are happy with the ones with whom you are working. If, however, you feel that the supplier you are working with now is not fully meeting your expectations, then our updated market survey will help you to find new suppliers who might be in a position to better meet your needs. 

Some brand owners deliberately choose suppliers who provide one-stop-shopping. This means that all of the issues involved in the packaging of your product are handled by a single supplier, who is  able to provide caps, tubes, bottles, tottles and airless containers, as well as sophisticated decoration techniques to enhance the packaging. 

In other cases, purchasing each packaging item from a different supplier might be an approach that is more suited to your way of working. In any case, this market survey will help you choose the solution that best fits your needs.

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(as per November 2017; next publication: November 2018)

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Market Survey Ingredient Suppliers


Actives, additives & functionals for the
cosmetics, personal care and detergent industry

Are you interested in sourcing new ingredients suppliers? Then our updated market survey of ingredients suppliers will surely be of great help. Our clear tabular layout shows not only which suppliers provide what type of ingredients and/or what they specialise in, but it also features immediate contact details.

You will find all those companies here who actively replied to our enquiry.

Active ingredients are offered by the majority. Another big part of the companies listed supply liposomes and delivery systems while vitamins and nutraceuticals can be purchased from a nearly identical number of suppliers. Other companies sell UV filters and self-tanning agents. Even though additives are not as prominent as active ingredients, they are of major importance when it comes to formulating products. It’s no wonder there are quite a number of companies in our survey offering additives.

In addition to this, specialised ingredient providers also sell preservatives and anti-microbial substances. Companies focusing on hair care products have hair-styling ingredients, polymers and film formers as part of their portfolio. If you are interested in creating new hair colourants, your choice comprises suppliers in our survey as well. Surfactants and cleaning agents are also provided.

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(as per August 2017; next publication: August 2018)

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Market Survey Processing, Packaging and Laboratory Serivces

Processing equipment, packaging machines,
laboratory equipment and serivces for the
cosmetics, personal care and detergent industry

This is our newly updated version of the market survey featuring suppliers in the fields of processing, packaging and laboratory services. What makes this market survey particularly helpful is that you can see at a glance what main service and/or product is offered by each company.

The extensive range covered in this survey lists a number of services relevant for processing, packaging and laboratory: measurement, control and laboratory equipment, mixing and dispensing machines, separating and technical filters, weighing and dosing devices, pumps, pigs, conveyor technology, services, production and R&D software, production equipment and filling machines, machines for packaging and labelling. E-mail addresses for every company make it ever so easy to get in touch straight away.

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(as per May 2017; next publication: May 2018)

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Market Survey Service Providers


Private Label, contract services, safety assesments, laboratory services, contract development and consultants for the cosmetics, personal care and detergent industry

This brand-new market survey of service providers will enable you to see straight away who might be relevant for your specific needs.

This list comprising a large variety of service providers has just been updated. Its clear structure lets you see at a glance which companies offer what services and specialties. The e-mail addresses listed allow you to contact the companies you are interested in straight away to find out if they are suitable for your next project.

Perhaps you are already happy with the service providers with whom you currently work. That is a good thing, of course. But if you plan the future of your business strategically, there may come a point when substituting your current service providers with new ones might prove useful. So why not get in contact with potential future partners even before it is urgent? Networking with a broad range of service providers is always a good idea. After all, in order to survive competition today and tomorrow,your company and its products offered have to meet the challenges of severe competition, very often on an international level.

Whatever your current situation, be sure to consistently reassess whether the solutions that proved useful a couple of years ago are still the right choice for you today. 

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(as per December 2016; next publication: December 2017)

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