Basic Entry

Example Ltd.
distributor; most important product: natural preservatives

info@example. com; www.;
(plus your product categories ticked in the market survey matrix)


The basic entry above will be published on the COSSMA website free of charge for you. This basic package contains:

  1. your company name
  2. your e-mail address and URL
  3. one key word/expression mentioning your most important product/service
  4. product categories you offer ticked in the overview matrix

Please note that we will NOT publish company logos, names of contact persons, postal address, phone and fax numbers or detailed product descriptions in the Basic Entry, please chose Premium Entry if you want those published.

Premium Entry

Example Ltd.;


This premium entry is available for only 70,-- Euros per month (420 Euros for 6 month). The premium package contains:

  1. Your Company name
  2. The URL of your website
  3. Your contact e-mail address
  4. Your company logo published together with your logo
  5. Your company logo at 
    in the 6 consectutive month
  6. Your company logo in the next 6 consecutive print issues of on a joined logo advertisment >>

Suppliers' Guide Entry

40 mm high, 43 mm wide,
section "Cosmetic Ingredients"
in Suppliers' Guide (see pp. 62 i. each printed issue)
124 € / month
minimum entry period: 3 month