Inolex: New demo center in São Paulo

13.09.2017By: am

Inolex do Brasil in São Paulo recently opened a Demo Center geared towards the promotion of safe and natural solutions in key areas that are shaping the next wave of consumer beauty products, including alternative preservation, silicone replacements and palm-free ingredients.

The Demo Center, which introduced its first training sessions in July of this year, offers clients an opportunity to explore the use of new technologies in beauty care formulations. Located directly across from Inolex do Brasil’s headquarters on Rua Aspicuelta, the Demo Center provides tailored, technical guidance to clients through presentations, hands-on formulation and collaborative problem-solving.

“When we understand first-hand the challenges that our clients are facing, we are able to work through suitable solutions together. We know our ingredients can greatly impact a client’s product performance at a competitive cost. This environment allows for an open, collegial approach with clear results for the client,” says Cris Saiani, Country Manager for Inolex, Brasil.

The Demo Center is available by appointment for current and prospective beauty care partners with a particular interest in alternative preservation, silicone replacements, palm-free solutions, natural ingredients.

About Inolex

Inolex, an independent, global cosmetic ingredient company with expertise in synthesis and formulation provides materials for the world's cosmetic and consumer product companies. The list includes safe and natural technologies for preserving cosmetics, natural replacements for silicone and high-performance polymers for sun-care applications and other renewable green-chemistry ingredients. Inolex uses sustainable technologies to focus on effective solutions.

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