COSSMA e-Paper issue 12/2016

24.11.2016By: dmi

Here is what you can look forward to in issue 12/2016:

Hair repair from the inside
Two new low molecular weight proteins are capable of penetrating the cortex of hair to reduce damage caused by environmental, mechanical and chemical stressors. Guadalupe Pellon, Head of Strategic Marketing Europe Hair Care at BASF, gives details in her interview with COSSMA in December.

Spotlight: Deodorants
What are the main substances used in antiperspirants and deodorants? Belinda Carli from IPCS explains in her article in COSSMA 12. Aluminium salts are still the preferred antiperspirant active, as they have been used for such a long time and come in various dispersions for ease of formulation and improved aesthetics. They are the go-to material that formulators use when creating antiperspirants.

Michael Schummert (Dr Babor): Research is our DNA
In an interview,  Dr Babor CEO Michael Schmummert explains what the DNA of their brand is. He points out that making partners strong is a key factor in the brand’s philosophy.

VIP of the Month:
Dr Meike Streker (University of Hamburg): Repairing DNA damage
The main focus in the future of cosmeceuticals will lie on protecting skin cells and repairing DNA damage, Dr Meike Streker from the University of Hamburg explains. She points out that growth factors are an essential part of skin regeneration after trauma and that retinoids improve skin appearance by regulating transcription factors for collagen homeostasis maintenance.

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Front cover picture: Dr Barbor

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