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Merck at In-Cosmetics: Meet the Stars


This year’s highlights presented by Merck during in-cosmetics in Paris were three new pigments: Colorona SynBerry Pink is a colour-intensive, fuchsia red pearl-luster pigment. It is part of the “Fall in Love with Red” initiative.  Whereas Ronastar Diamond Black is a pigment expressing deep, virtually black color and an exceptional luster, Ronastar Copper Jewel is a vibrant, copper-coloured effect pigment that is characterized by brilliant luster and good coverage. Merck also presented its 2014 Cosmetic Actives Trend Forecast, supplementing the company’s Color Trend Forecast. Two new studies have not only confirmed the efficacy of RonaCare® Cyclopeptide-5 and RonaCare® Isoquercetin, but also revealed more details on how these active ingredients work their magic. New data is also available for RonaCare® AP and its role in acne prevention. Dr. Matthias Lergenmüller, Senior Director Technology Application Network PM-P at Merck KGaA Darmstadt presents the new launches and concepts presented during In-Cosmetics in Paris in his Web-TV interview with COSSMA TV. To learn more on the latest innovations, check the Web-TV clip at
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