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JFA Flock Applikationen: Innovation is worth the effort


Ferdinand Fütterer, Managing Director at JFA Flock Applikationen GmbH, Germany, presents one of the most innovative companies working in flocking cosmetics applicators. JFA's headquarters in Kuppenheim, Germany, near Baden-Baden, Germany, feature state-of-the-art production facilities. Mr. Fütterer points out the role of JFA as an international corporation working in the cosmetics industry. JFA provides the full production chain, from development and mold construction all the way to flocking of applicators. Production takes place in the climate-controlled factory using fully-automated flocking systems. Naturally, JFA’s daily business is defined by maintaining highest quality, being a reliable supplier and having a global commitment. JFA’s research and development department ensures that the company stays relevant as a supplier of applicators for the cosmetics industry. Ferdinand Fütterer gives examples of how JFA helps customers to set themselves apart in the market. Apart from partial flocking, JFA does also has innovative ideas for new cosmetics applicators to help their customers to differentiate. Ferdinand Fütterer shows why JFA is so dedicated to innovation and why genuine innovation is worth the effort. For more information visit


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