March 2014

Editorial Focus: Future Technologies

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Future Technologies

Greener production processes show the way

A lot of production processes are continually updated, in order to be able to produce more innovative ingredients and alternatives for conventional cosmetics ingredients. New research findings also point the way to interesting new ingredients.

Cover photo: Nataliia Natykach, Shutterstock

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Carrier systems

Versatility for all types of actives

Marcel Langenauer of NCD Ingredients explains the advantages of the Carri-Active* carrier system and compares it with conventional liposomes or nanosomes.

photos: Sopharcos, Chones,

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Fragrance Trends

New orientals and new technology

Which are the fragrance trends that dominate the market just now? What current developments are there, and what are the challenges to be faced when perfuming skin care products? You can find the answers to these questions right here.

photo: Valentyn Volkov,

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Efficacy tests and tolerance tests

Genetic testing by skin model analysis

The profiling methods described here show that the complex activities taking place inside the skin can be analysed by the use of skin models plus profiling methods and gene expression tests. In this way the efficacy of beauty care products can be tested efficiently without the use of animals.

photo: Matej Katelic,

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New Fragrances & Deodorants

Product Development: International launches

This month Mintel has picked out a number of fascinating new fragrance products from Mintel’s Innovation Club:

Penhaligon Eau de Parfum,
Jequiti Deodorant,
Neville Eau de Cologne,
Inhibitif Roll-On,
Sure Women Deodorant

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picture: Mintel

How much does colour matter?

The way a fragrance can make its mark on us

Claudia Valder of Frey & Lau explains the background and why it is so important to make sure that the colour and fragrance of a product are carefully selected to produce a pleasing whole.

photo: Rudchenko Liliia,

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Fragrance Stability

Common problems – and how to avoid them

Designing the right fragrance for the right product requires thought and communication. Unexpected problems from fragrances are rare when products are designed with stability in mind, as Penny Williams from Orchadia explains.

photo: Anna Subbotina,

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Skin Cleansing

In this issue our selection of formulations covers products for skin cleansing.

For those with a particular interest in wintry formulations Snowball Bath Mousse from Nordmann, Rassmann could be exactly what is being sought, or maybe the Natural Cream Bath Chocolate from Dr. Straetmans may be the answer. And while we are on the subject of food a good choice may be the springlike formulation for Moisturizing Strawberry Cleansing Yoghurt from Lubrizol Noveon. Among the wide range of make-up removers are the Wipe & Forget – Eye Make Up Remover by Biesterfeld, the Creamy Make-up Remover by CLR, and the Truly Soft Make Up Remover from Provital. Or what about formulations for skin cleansing wipes like, for example, the Cleansing Towlette from Kao or the Antibacterial Wipes from Southern Cross Botanicals.

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 40 of the printed edition.

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