December 2014

Editorial Focus: Innovation

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Multifunctional emulsifiers

Today’s formulators are looking for emulsifiers that are much more versatile than before. This is why Clariant is introducing the new Plantasens Natural Emulsifiers range. Each product is easily processable and allows formulators to create more sustainable formulations.

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Front cover picture:
Salvatore Ferragamo, The Mini Fragrance Collection, Bronze Pentawards 2014, Design by Sotano Studio

Trend-driven formulations

Solutions tipped for succes

In a fast-paced world BASF provides an insight into the latest trends and, based on that offers market and customer-oriented solutions which aim for formulations with outstanding performance.

photo: BASF

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Fighting cellulite with chronobiology

A novel active substance conceived for night-time application was inspired by new findings of chronobiology and circadian rhythms. According to Alicia Giménez it improves cellulite appearance after only 15 days.

photo: Ana Blazic Pavlovic,

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International Launches

Product Development: International launches

This month Mintel has picked out  a selection of the most innovative products in 2013:

Helena Rubinstein Premium UV Anti UV-Ageing-Pollution 12h Moisture-Nude BB Base,
Estée Lauder Enlighten,
Guerlain Hair-Mist La Petite Robe Noire Brume Cheveux,
L’Oréal Men Expert Thermic Resist 48H Anti-Perspirant Spray,
Aquafolia by OCCY Laboratoires,
Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Moisturising Lip Balm

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pictures: Mintel

Product Launches

Cross-sector offering at its best

Wilfrid Gambade from DSM explains what product launches in the company’s cross-sector offering were the most rewarding recently and outlines the main pillars in the company’s future strategy.

photo: Anna Subbotina,

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Market Survey

Service Providers

Do you not sometimes think about doing a real analysis of your usual day-to-day procedures? It is not unusual, after such an efficiency analysis to realise what high cost you have in running what may well be outdated processes. Then it is surely time to consider which processes you want to keep in house and which could be better outsourced.

photo: S. Juchim,

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Creams, Lotions, Exfoliants

Lotions and creams are without doubt the bread and butter of the cosmetics business. If one is successful in lifting one’s product to stand higher in the consumer’s estimation than the general mass of alternatives there is no need to wait for success to come knocking at the door. The idea of a 3 Day Stubble Fluid For Men from CLR sounds good to us. At the end of the day a formulation like this no longer is just a niche product today. However, the 3-day beard, that has now become a trend, has to be looked after in order not to frighten off potential girlfriends with the stubble.

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