September 2013

Editorial Focus: Facial Care

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Facial Care

Market Data Worldwide

what is the total level of sales achieved by facial care products? In 2012 sales totalled 80.522 billion US Dollars (or 60.102 billion Euros) according to Euromonitor. Within this figure the Asia Pacific region, with 41.687 billion US Dollars, was the biggest regional market, followed by Western Europe with 16.192 billion US Dollars and the USA with 9.051 billion Dollars. Within Europe Germany leads the way with sales of 3.411 billion Dollars and is thus not so far behind the Eastern European regional turnover where facial care products reached over-the-counter and online sales of 3.808 billion Dollars. In Europe France, with 3.041 billion Dollars, is in second place in terms of turnover, followed by the United Kingdom with sales of 2.665 billion Dollars.

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A free-of-charge introductory for a future market

The Polish wellness and spa, cosmetics and fitness markets are growing all the time. Health and Beauty‘s strong, established network in more than 13 countries offers a unique chance to enter the Polish market.To help foreign companies to get established in this market the Polish government and the European Union are offering an introductory information package. Visit the BEAUTY FORUM & SPA POLAND from September 26th to 29th in Warsaw, and the international conference on September 27th. Travel costs, accommodation and exhibition entry are totally free of charge.

photo: Jacek Kadaj,

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CC Creams

Changing skin care routines

It is no longer “new” news that CC cream, like its older sister BB cream, is gaining popularity worldwide. Its all-in-one promise attracts both busy multi-tasking women and smart beauty junkies constantly in search of a younger, softer and more even complexion, but also looking for greater value in skin care products. This article describes which ingredients can offer what kind of additional benefits, and how ageing prevention can also be addressed in multitasking CC cream formulations.

photos: DSM

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New Facial Care Products

Product Development: International launches

This month Mintel has picked out a number of fascinating new facial care products:

Lirikos Homme Marine Wrinkle Repair Lotion,
Creme Hidratante FPS 15,
Éminence Organic Skin Care VitaSkin Vitamin Solutions,
Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare,
Le Weekend de Chanel – Soin Visage Effet Peau Neuve,
Vivel Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream + Scrub

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picture: Mintel


An improved complexion?

Probiotic supplementation may very well be useful in managing atopic dermatitis and dry skin.Discover here to what extent probiotic additives can help in the article by David Tropel of Biovitis/Greentech and Petra Schlegel of Greentech Germany in COSSMA 9/2013.

photo: iStockphoto

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A relief for sensitive skin

Lipotec’s specific peptides, Delisens and Telangyn, act on the alterations found in sensitive skin via different pathways. They reduce its symptoms while increasing cutaneous hydration, elasticity, firmness, softness and smoothness.

photo: Konstantin Yuganov,

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New approach to addressing the signs of ageing

Anne Françoise Clay, from Ashland’s Vincience Skin Research Center, shows how Actopontine and Lipigenine, two new biofunctionals, can help consumers maintain youngerlooking and firmer skin.

photo: Alex011973,

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A balancing of resources or a “greenwashing” act?

Just how green is the blue planet?

How do consumers view the subjects of sustainability and certification in the cosmetics business? This was a question asked by the skin care working party at SEPAWA, and appropriate research was ordered, to be carried out by the Dialego market research institute. Dr. Vera Maienschein of Impag summarised the most important findings. Here she presents those findings and sheds some light on the topics of certification, sustainability and natural cosmetics from various points of view.

photo: Lisa Puccini,

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Body Care

In this issue our selection of formulations covers products for body care. Here you will find more than 30 formulations from a wide range of suppliers and to meet a wide range of body care requirements. The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 35 of the printed edition.

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