July-August 2011

Editorial Focus: Natural Cosmetics

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Natural Cosmetics

Elegant solutions for green packaging

Who are the packaging suppliers that have developed new alternatives to be able to offer sustainable packaging solutions? COSSMA has collected an interesting cross-section for you.
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picture: Yves Rocher

Modern surfactants

Mild and also biodegradable

There are of course lots of modern surfactants, but products such as sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) can, on sensitive skin, cause problems. Amino acid-based surfactants on the other hand have been shown to be skin-friendly even when used on a daily basis. Martina Spiegel presents the findings of skin irritation tests, efficacy tests and consumer trials carried out with sodium cocoyl glutamate and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate from Schill & Seilacher. The surfactants exhibited good results not only in their galenic and cleansing performance but also biodegraded well under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

picture: Ramona Heim, Fotolia.com

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Epidermal stem cells

Boosting their health and self-defence

Harald van der Hoeven from CLR shows how Phytosan K can fortify the epidermal skin cells by helping their natural defence against UV light, by decelerating photo-ageing and by boosting the dermal fibroblasts.

picture: CLR

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New Natural Cosmetic Products

Product Development: International launches

This month Mintel has picked out a number of fascinating new natural cosmetic products:

Dzintars Organic Style,
Fuente for Men, Gaiavita,
Honoré des Prés Verrine,
and Go by  The Ginger People

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picture: The Ginger People

Market Survey Ingredient Providers

Fully Updated

Fully updated with a total of 123 suppliers – that’s our fully revised and expanded 2011 market survey of cosmetic ingredients suppliers! The table shows at a glance which company supplies what kind of ingredients and specialities. Do one or more of the products interest you? Then you can use the detailed contact data to request further information right away.

picture: Rolf van Melis / pixelio.de

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Classics with a new perspective

Dr. Edgar Endlein of KahlWax tells us, in an interview with COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss, about the latest product developments, and talks about the trends that will impact on the market in the future.

picture: Kahl Wax

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Plastics and pigments

Make your packaging bewitching

Axel Grimm of BASF presents plastics and special effect pigments that give cosmetics packaging interesting functional, visual, and even tactile effects.

picture:  BASF

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Hair Care

In this issue our selection of formulations covers products for hair care.

Conditioners are playing an increasingly important role in the hair care sector, but a key factor for new conditioners is convenience - almost nobody has time these days to wait several minutes for the product to do its work before rinsing off.

The Shampoo: Conditioning, shine from Dow Corning – effectively a 3-in-1 product – is a practical solution. The Natural Leave-in Conditioning Spray from Inolex is not only convenient but is also in line with the current trend towards natural cosmetics. Natural Rinse-off Hair Conditioner by Dr. Straetmans also reflects this trend, but the classic rinse-off process is used here.

Another multifunctional product is the translucent leave-on Styling Conditioning – Spray and Mousse by Clariant. Not only is the hair conditioned but the product also acts as a styling aid, as does the Styling and Conditioning Cream from Cognis.

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 39 of the printed edition.

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