November 2011

Editorial Focus: Innovation

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Innovative ingredients for future products

Representatives from Impag, IBR, Soliance, Phytodia, Frutarom, Information et Inspiration and Alfa Chemical, present trends as well as their latest product concepts and findings.

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picture: Silver Pentaward 2010, Liese –Iron Make collection, Kao,

Packaging Design

Design for teens and twenties

When we buy a product we use all of our senses. It is the packaging of a product that we first see and feel, and start to understand, and it is what lets us remember the product. For this reason professional packaging designers use all of the channels by which we perceive the product, and the coded designs that will awaken the interest of their target audience. But how does one design a package that, in a supermarket, lying amongst countless other package designs, will appeal to the customer and stimulate her desire to buy the product? Martina Kunert, business manager at the Lothar Böhm design agency, explains how packaging for toiletries, targeting young teenage skin, is developed.

picture: Provital

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Multi-level solutions for tomorrow’s products

COSSMA here presents some interesting approaches offered by new ingredients. The range includes ingredients cultivated in a bioreactor, a natural oil for silicone-free formulations, an alternative to nano-sized TiO2 and ZnO, an ingredient with multiple benefits to achieve high SPF, a multi-level approach to combat acne, as well as active ingredients to restore pigmentation in grey hair and to reverse the hair loss process.

picture: Anja Roesnick,

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Innovative Products 2011

Product Development: International launches

This month Mintel has picked out selection of the year's most  innovative products:

Liboté Sakura UV Hydrating Mist
Bottega Verde Dead Sea
Sweet Clean Nettoyant pour le Visage et les Yeux
Natura Ekos Mate Verde Soin Hydratant Corps
Crystal Jemmy Nefertari Whitening Essence P
Natura Ekos Pitanga Preta Gelée Hydratante

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pictures: Mintel


Product Development: International launches

In the space of just a couple of years social media have changed the way that many companies are doing business. Cosmetics and toiletries companies were initially slow to recognise the importance of social media, but many are realising now how influential they can be for their brands. Imogen Matthews, consultant to In-Cosmetics, looks at what has changed and how social media can be used to create brand awareness and grow sales.

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picture: Gerd Altmann,


An active substance from pistachio resin to combat impure skin

Dr. Daniel Schmid of Mibelle presents an active ingredient obtained from pistachio resin that
controls excess sebum production, open pores, as well as the formation of comedones.

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picture: Mibelle

Market Survey

Market Survey Packaging

Packaging is an eyecatching aspect of the product and plays a key role in stimulating the urge to buy. But which companies supply what kind of packaging components? Which of them offers “One Stop Shopping” and who has all of the necessary back-up services? The answers to these questions can be found in our practical market survey* – an easy-to-use tool for seeking optimum packaging design and manufacture.

picture: Albea

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Sprays + Foams

In this issue our selection of formulations covers sprays and foams for cosmetics and toiletries.There are sprays and foams for a wide variety of cosmetics and toiletries. Many of the proposed formulations have names which indicate that they are rather unusual concepts. For instance, Zschimmer & Schwarz have submitted a Deo Shower Mousse - surely a combination that you won't find too often on the market, but one which is certain to be a really attractive idea for many of the overstressed members of today's society. Layers for Layers Aqua Spritz from Croda sounds as if it will be sure to give a hair style that extra flourish. Effective sun protection is promised by UV Arrest Continuous Spray SPF 70 from ISP.

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 38 of the printed edition.

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