December 2009

Editorial Focus: Cosmeceuticals

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Current trends in actives: Anti-ageing actives and more

The development of cosmetics products is taking full advantage of the fact that our understanding of the physiological processes of the skin, and their influence, is constantly increasing. The concepts and active substances put forward by Angela Kleiner of Sederma clearly show that our knowledge of medicine, dermatology and other associated areas of research are important factors in the conception of new cosmetics preparations.

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Pomegranate kernel oil

Active oil for anti-ageing products

The pomegranate is a versatile fruit with many uses, and highly prized in the food industry. Now it is enjoying success in the field of cosmetics. After all, ingredients of natural origin that can also offer proof of efficacy and that are safe to use are increasingly in demand. Dr. Heiko Prade of Gustav Heess explains why pomegranate kernel oil is so suitable for use in anti-ageing products.


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Cannot be denied

Sustainable, and good looking too

We bring you here an impression of how consumers feel about the subject of sustainable packaging, what the chances are that bioplastics will in the future replace traditional plastics, and what examples can already be found in the cosmetics business.

picture: M&H Plastics

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The Money Fragrance

Product Development: International launches

This month Mintel has picked out the following products from Mintel’s Innovation Club:
The Essence from NuBo for Men Cell Dynamic,
Masque Substantif from Kerastase Age Premium
and Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York from Bond No.9.

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Pharma Know-how for cosmetics

Johann Strobl, head of sales and marketing at Loxxess Pharma, explains why it is worthwhile, in the premium sector, engaging the services of a company with a pharmaceutical background to look after logistics and order deliveries.

picture: Promens

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Market Surveys

Market Survey Service Providers

In times when money is not so free the market needs products that have something totally new to offer. But to keep development costs within reasonable limits it's a good idea from time to time to check out what service providers can do for you. This is where our fully updated market survey can help. It contains, at a glance, details of 125 service providers.

Market Survey Process Technologies

You will find there an additional market survey that you can download from our web site. Just go to In this additional survey, which is found only on our web site, we have listed 55 suppliers and their specialised process technologies in categories.


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Creams & More

In this issue our selection of formulations covers creams, lotions and exfoliants.

The Cream to Powder Face Moisturiser from Merck sounds rather interesting, although several of the formulations arouse one's curiosity. What about, for example, the Smooth Operator Salt & Pepper Scrub from Croda, the Oxygen Serum with Fiflow MO2 from Creations Couleurs and the Body Polish Rice from Impag?  And our collection doesn’t just have exciting formulations for women, but for men too, with some interesting ideas such as the Natural Respect Aftershave Balm from Croda.

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 39 of the printed edition.

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Favorite Formulations of the COSSMA Readers

Top Formulation Downloads 2009

Our formulations page is always a very popular feature. This is where you can quickly find all sorts of interesting new formulations, sorted by category. For those who want to look closely at the individual formulations, they are available for downloading on our web site. As a special service to our readers we have collected together the most popular downloads from January- April 2009. Here you will see at a glance which 15 formulations were accessed most frequently during the past months: The Top 3 are O/W Cream 0,1% MicroSilver BG™, supplied by Bioepiderm and Nature Firming Body Lotion and Natural Caring Cream, both supplied by Dr. Straetmans.

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