November 2009

Editorial Focus: Innovation

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Thickeners: Sophisticated formulations

What are the particular demands placed on personal care products? Of course product performance tops the list: a hair gel should keep the hair in place and well styled, a body lotion must care for the skin, and a sun cream must provide protection from UV damage. Important features that influence consumer buying decisions also include convenience in use and a pleasant consistency. This latter aspect is where viscosity control has an important role to play. Dr. Volker Wendel and Dr. Peter Hössel of BASF explain, in an interview with COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss, the contribution made by the company's new thickeners.

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Avoiding the pitfalls

Safety evaluation for natural cosmetics

Even though the industry is still waiting for a generally acceptable definition, one point is clear: natural cosmetics are setting a trend with huge growth potential. The points to watch carefully with regard to fatty plant oils, aromatic oils, hydrolates and plant extracts when carrying out a serious, professional safety evaluation of natural cosmetics are explained here by Dr. Petra Wirth, the proprietor of Alphachem.

picture: Sanoflore

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Functional fillers

Feel, Fill and Function

The way that functional fillers can work real wonders and be the consumer's faithful ally at times of unmerciful light conditions or in the case of tired skin, is explained by Miriam Becker, Marketing Manager Cosmetics at Merck. In cosmetics formulations these versatile ingredients provide that "certain something", with real efficacy – both visible and invisible.

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The AIR pod for a perfect foundation

Product Development: International launches

This month Mintel has picked out the following products from Mintel’s Innovation Club:
Shiseido's Future Solution LX Crème Protective Jour,
Mission Skin Care’s Active Daily Facial Cleanser
and Temptu’s AIR pod Foundation.

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Snow White and the seven green Emulsifiers

When Kolb were deciding which of their emulsifiers they would submit for Ecocert validation it quickly became clear that by choosing seven items they had chanced upon a magic number. Nicole Häusler, Product Manager Personal Care at Kolb, describes the advantages of these emulsifiers, which are compatible with natural cosmetics, and shows what they have to do with Snow White - a fairy tale about beauty.


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Market Surveys

Market Survey Packaging Providers

To help you find the right packaging supplier, and to develop truly attractive packaging for your products, all of the main packaging suppliers and service providers are listed in this fully updated market survey. If the packaging is unattractive the consumer will normally pick up the product only if she is obliged to buy that specific brand. But, in view of the huge selection available on the shelves today, such a situation is more the exception than the rule. Anyone wanting to make his product stand out at the point of sale has to be creative, and that means finding an imaginative packaging supplier or turning to a full-service partner with innovative ideas on offer. In this tabular overview you will find a total of 164 suppliers from all the relevant aspects of the packaging business (37 percent more than last year). You can see at a glance who, for instance, supplies caps, bottles, jars, tubes, retail cartons or whatever. But also those in search of packaging for a specific product type, such as colour cosmetics, can quickly see which are the relevant suppliers.

Market Survey Process Technologies

You will find there an additional market survey that you can download from our web site. Just go to In this additional survey, which is found only on our web site, we have listed 55 suppliers and their specialised process technologies in categories.

picture: Alcan Packaging Beauty

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Sprays & More

In this issue our selection of formulations covers sprays, foams and similair products.

Interesting hair styling ideas have been submitted by, for instance, BASF with the Wet Look Gel Spray, by Croda with their Stylishly Strawberry Mousse and their Layers for Layers Aqua Spritz, and by ISP with the 6 % VOC Voluminizing Mousse. For those seeking sun protection products for sporty types the Orga Mineral Sun Spray SPF 50 & Water Resistant submitted by Seppic, the SPF 30 Very Water Resistant Sport Spray from Inolex and the Sports Protective Sun Spray from Croda should be of interest. And a sprayable anti-cellulite treatment has been put forward by Symrise in the form of their Anti Cellulite Gel with Biotive Esculin.

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 41 of the printed edition.

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Favorite Formulations of the COSSMA Readers

Top Formulation Downloads 2009

Our formulations page is always a very popular feature. This is where you can quickly find all sorts of interesting new formulations, sorted by category. For those who want to look closely at the individual formulations, they are available for downloading on our web site. As a special service to our readers we have collected together the most popular downloads from January- April 2009. Here you will see at a glance which 15 formulations were accessed most frequently during the past months: The Top 3 are O/W Cream 0,1% MicroSilver BG™, supplied by Bioepiderm and Nature Firming Body Lotion and Natural Caring Cream, both supplied by Dr. Straetmans.

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