October 2008

Editorial Focus: Natural Cosmetics

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Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics hype and certification

Natural cosmetics and the arrival of new “Eco“ labels is a subject on everyone’s lips. We asked Peter Finkel, Category Manager R&D at Sara Lee H&B about the reasons behind these trends, and asked Moritz Aebersold, the president of NaTrue and member of the Weleda group management team, to explain what is special about the new NaTrue label.

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Liquid Rock Trend Ticker

Green, greener, greenest …

The future trend for each and every lifestyle is pure green. Fiona Rauh, managing director of Liquidrock, has highlighted for us here a few of the trends identified in the Liquidrock Visions of Green 09 report.

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The challenge of eco-packaging

As part of the natural cosmetics trend there is now an increasing demand for sustainable packaging. COSSMA looks at the challenges this presents and the solutions and concepts that have already been adopted in this field.

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Nail Polish for pregnant women

Product Development: International launches

This month Mintel has picked out the following products from Mintel’s Innovation Club:
L'Oréal’s eyeliner in the Bare Naturale mineral cosmetics range,
Polished Mama from Polston Enterprises, a nail polish for pregnant women,
and the GMO-free Malibu Lemon Blossom Solid Perfume from Pacifica.

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Preventing fungal growth

In the autumn and in the spring they start to build up – cases of increased fungal contamination in the ambient air and fungal growth on the surface of plant and equipment. The risks that this poses, such as the risk to products, is well known to even the smallest company. The way to ensure that no fungal growth oc-curs in the production area is explained here by Michael Pfeiffer of Pfeiffer Consulting, together with Michael Tscholak and Patrick Rüter of Ruetscho GmbH.

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Innovations for colour cosmetics

Colour cosmetics are an expression of something special and something exclusive. It is therefore no wonder that, driven by extravagant advertising and promotions, the consumer is constantly demanding more of these products. With a lipstick, for instance, it is no longer sufficient simply to offer the latest fashionable colours. The whole make-up has to be as long-lasting as pos-sible, and yet be easy to remove when the time comes. And the products should also have a care action, improving the condition of the skin, and offering other benefits, depending the type of product.

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Firming Products

Our formulations special in this issue brings you some exciting new ideas for cosmetic products for anti-firming and anti-cellulite.

There is always some part or other of the body that would benefit from being a little firmer or tighter, so it's no wonder that there is an increasing number of products aimed at meeting these special needs. And when we look at the formulations that have been submitted it is clear that multifunctionality is still a hot topic. How do you like the sound of, for instance, a Firming Shimmering Sun Lotion, such as the one that Croda have submitted?

The Power shower with skin firming active from Cognis also sounds as though it could fulfil the consumer's dreams, firming her skin while she enjoys her daily shower.
And anyone who has difficulty in overcoming the temptation to lounge about and avoid physical activity must surely be very much attracted by the No more fitness – anti-orange-peel emulsion from Impag.
In the interesting selection that we have put together there is surely something for everyone. Have fun browsing through them!

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 50 of the printed edition in October.

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