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Hair Care

Natural anti-ageing much in demand

What are the latest trends in hair care? Natural ingredients, longer lasting colours, UV protection and natural anti-ageing – industry experts Dr. Wolfgang Goertz of Evonik, Anne-Laurie Rodrigues of Laboratoires Sérobio-logiques, Maria Tolchinsky of National Starch and Thierry Cruchon of Silab were in general agreement on these points.

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Made in China

The other side of the coin

In the cosmetics industry there is already a considerable amount of primary packaging being imported from the Far East, particularly from China. Cosmetics manufacturers have reported both positive and negative experien-ces. Points to watch carefully whenever cosmetics products are contract manufactured in China for the European market are examined here by Michael Pfeiffer of Pfeiffer Consulting.

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Natural cosmetics

Certification is a must

Martina Spiegel of Impag explains which ingredients are particularly suitable for the production of natural cosmetics. In recent decades the demand for natural products in the fields of nutrition, clothing and personal care has grown enormously. Many consumers are, however, rather confused by the growing range of products with claims such as "natural", "with herbal extracts", "contains pure natural substances", etc. Unlike the food industry, where terms such as "organic" or "eco certified" are now protected by law, natural cosmetics, in Germany or the EU have no specific, legally protected definition.

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Anti-Wrinkle Programme targeting stem cells

Product Development: International launches

This month Amanda Lintott of Mintel has picked out the following innovative products from the company’s Global New Products Database, GNPD:

Ar457 Redefining & Firming Care from La Maison de L’Argan,
Dior’s new anti-wrinkle programme Capture R60/80 XP targeting stem cells,
and the new Filorga Cosmésothérapie face care range.

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Packaging technology

Versatility urgently required

To keep production costs within bounds filling and capping machines must be selected not only to be sufficiently versatile to handle the widest range of tasks but also should be able to be quickly changed over from one task to another. Some other points to consider when deciding on manual or semi-automatic production equipment are outlined here by Dr. Thomas Richter, MD of SpeMaba.

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Innovative promotional ideas

For suppliers of sample packaging the market has changed a lot in the last few years. The perfumery and cosme-tics market has grown enormously. Whilst some years ago it took much longer to bring a new product to market, the time between initial concept to product launch is now often just a few months, or even weeks. With this in mind we bring you details of some of the most striking new ideas for sample packaging.

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Facial Care

Our formulations special in this issue brings you some exciting new ideas for facial care products. The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 34 of the printed edition in February.
Among the creative formulation ideas submitted to us there are, for example, a Hydro Whipped Cream Moisturizer from Arch Chemicals and a Sweet Almond Butter Gel from Cognis.

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Hair Care: Natural anti-ageing much in demand

Extended versions of trend statements:

Trends in Hair Care as seen by Laboratoires Sérobiologiques >>

Trends in Hair Care as seen by Silab (French/English) >>

Trends in Hair Care as seen by National Starch >>

Product information on the following ingredients:

ABIL® UV Quat 50 >>

TEGO® Galanga >>


Sample formulations for:

Eco-friendly Hair Conditioner, PEG-free >>

Hair mask with UV protecting properties >>

Clear Hair Shampoo with UV-protecting Properties >>

Sprayable hairmilk with UV-protectant properties >>

Natural cosmetics: Certification is a must

Product informations: Ingredients suitable for natural cosmetics formulations (German language only) >>

Products of the Month: International Launches

Product information Meso-C Multivitamin Radiance Treatment - 21 Days
Redefining & Firming Care |backup|
Ultimate Wrinkle Restoring Creme >>

Packaging technology: Versatility urgently required

Extended Version of the article (German language only) >>

Product information on the following machinery/ equipment:

FM-1, FM-10, FM-100 >>

Tube filler 40 >>

Tube filler 80 >>

HVM 60 M >>

HVM 60 PE >>

Formulations: Facial Care

Formulations supplied by
BASF Aktiengesellschaft Fine Chemicals


Daily Care Cream >>

Daily Care Cream "THREE LINES OF DEFENSE" >>

Night Cream “ACE-Cocktail >>

Sun Care Cream „Sensitive“ SPF 14 >>


Formulations supplied by
Cognis Deutschland GmbH

Time Fighting Day Cream >>

NATURECARE  Sweet Almond Butter Gel
(Formulated under consideration of Ecocert guidelines) >>

NATURECARE  Anti-Age Special Treatment 
(Formulated under consideration of Ecocert guidelines) >>


Formulations supplied by
Dow Corning Beauty and Personal Care

Problem Skin Control for Men >>

Topical Clear Gel >>

Younger Skin >>

Younger Sun >>


Formulations supplied by
Evonik Goldschmidt Personal Care

O/W Day Cream for Mature skin >>

Green Natural O/W Cream with Olive Oil >>

Facial day cream "Radiance Extreme" >>

Absolute moisture & protection lotion >>


Formulations supplied by various other suppliers:

Algospa Anti-Age Treatment >>

Hydro Whipped Cream Moisturizer >>

Tamanu Face Cream  >>

Cacao Butter Cream  >>

Eye Cream with Jojoba Pro - HP    >>

Anti-Aging-Creme mit stabilisiertem Vitamin C und MG-60   >>

Niacinamide PC Moisturizing Serum Gel  >>

Moisturizing Cream   >>

Restructuring Anti Wrinkle Cream  >>

Collagen Expert Cream   >>

Anti-Ageing Serum with RENOVAGE™  >>

Mattifying & unifying Anti-Age Foundation >>

Day Cream with Osilift >>

Anti-Ageing Creme For Man >>


Further formulations see formulations special >>

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