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Alpine treatments for greasy skin

Cosmeceuticals are very much in fashion, and these include actives that regulate sebum levels, which long ago ceased to be solely of interest for products aimed at teenagers. COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss asked Barbara  Obermayer, Area Head of Sales & Marketing Cosmetics at Pentapharm, about current trends and the actives offered by Penatapharm in this field.

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Product piracy

Successful defence strategies

At a time when steamrollers are busy crushing mountains of confiscated copy-cat jewellery and fashion accesso-ries brand owners are keen to draw attention to the problem of plagiarism and product piracy that threatens their very existence. The number of copy-cat and fake branded products flooding world markets is, according to esti-mates by the EU, about 10 percent of the real thing. Dieter Bakic, the designer and founder of DieterBakicEnterprises, explains how this problem can be tackled using targeted defence strategies.

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Synthesising potential actives

Identifiying new cosmetic peptides

The trend towards more complex actives comes hand in hand with the need for more sophisticated tools for use in synthesising and testing potential actives.
Dr. Arturo Puig, director of documentation and regulatory affairs of Lipotec, describes the advanced techniques and tools used by Lipotec in the development of highly effective new active ingredients, in particular peptides, for cosmetic treatments such as moisturising, anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkle treatment or whitening.

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Calligraphy for eyes

Product Development: International launches

This month Amanda Lintott of Mintel has picked out the following innovative products from the company’s Global New Products Database, GNPD:

Suqqu’s Eyeliner Creamy,
Josie Maran’s lip gloss line
and the luxury organic spa line Om Aroma.

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Market Survey Services

At a glance: Service providers

Here it is – our fully updated 2007 market survey of service providers. The table includes entries for all those companies that returned the completed questionnaire to us in good time, which this year added up to more than 200 service providers. The table is laid out in columns to make it easy for you to find suppliers of specific services.

If you are a service provider, and are not included in this year's survey please send a short e-mail to This will ensure that you are given the opportunity to submit your company details for the 2008 survey. An entry in the market survey is, of course, free of charge.


Creams and exfoliants

For this special "lotions, creams and exfoliants" issue we have once again assembled a rich selection of basic formulations. The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 36 of the printed edition in December.

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Alpine treatments for greasy skin

Product information ALP-SEDUM >>

Formulation Protecting Matifying Cream >>

Information about active principle >>

Market Survey Service Providers

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Identifiying new cosmetic peptides

Scientific version of the article >>

Products of the month: International Launches

Product iinformation Eyeliner Creamy,
Lipgloss-Serie by Josie Maran ,
Luxus-Bio-Spa-Serie Om Aroma >>

Formulations: Creames and exfoliants

Formulations supplied by
Croda Chemicals Europe Ltd

Body Scrub with Crodamazon Castanha do Brazil >>

Body Butter with Crodamazon Cupuaçú >>

Facial Scrub with Cromage Passiflora >>


Formulations supplied by
Cognis GmbH

Sensitive Skin Balance >>

Magic Winter Therapy Protective Face Cream >>

Creamy Serum >>


Formulations supplied by
Desert Whale Jojoba Company

Anti-Cellulite Cleansing Cream with Jojoba Butter Beads >>

Exfoliating Shower Gel with Jojoba Spheres (TM) >>

Foaming Sugar Scrub with Jojoba Glaze >>

Moisturizing Facial Cream Exfoliator w/ Jojoba Butter Beads (TM) >>

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub Body Wash >>


Formulations supplied by
Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Anti-Ageing Cream >>

Firming Lotion >>

Night Cream >>

True Emulsion Shower Bath with Body Scrub, cold processable >>


Formulations supplied by various other suppliers:

Body Splash Protector >>

Hydro Whipped Cream Moisturizer >>

Slimming Cream with chocolate (warm feeling) >>

Day Cream with excellent spreading behaviour >>

Gentle Exfoliation Face Wash >>

Soft Cream: Anti-aging, Sebum Absorption, Soft Feel >>

Anti Cellulite Lotion >>

O/W Cream with intensive anti-aging complex >>

Moisturizing facial cream exfoliator >>

Body Polish India >>

O/W emulsion with Sericoside Phytosome >>

Vitamin E Natural Cleansing Oil Gel >>

Anti-Ageing Serum wth Renovage >>´

Anti-wrinkles cream >>

Exfoliating Facial Cleanser for Problem Skin  >>

Body scrub with Propol ISBL  >>


Further formulations see formulations special >>

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