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Natural peptides: Beautify your skin

Producing peptides synthetically is cost-intensive. DSM has developed a new technology to produce highly bio-active peptides for anti-wrinkle treatment by a carefully designed hydrolysis process in terms of selectivity and size selection. Instead of producing peptides by synthesis from amino acids they are generated though controlled hydrolysis of proline-rich proteins of natural origin, such as casein. The peptides BeauActive MTP obtained in this way showed outstanding anti-ageing efficacy in vitro and in vivo.

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Product development

The right type of care for every season

Cognis have developed some innovative ideas with their "Feel Four Seasons" concept for versatile skin care and cleansing products that make an effective contribution to a holistic wellbeing throughout the seasons, as is ex-plained by Frauke Hoppen, responsible for Regional Marketing, Personal Care Northern Europe at Cognis. The range allows the consumer to respond to seasonal changes in the structure of the skin and hair, and to create new effects and seasonal moods.

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In tune with the lunar cycle

Fantasy marketing is "in". In an age where product segmentation is constantly increasing there is always a wel-come for ideas that have not already been seized upon by a competitor. Strand Cosmetics Europe have now crea-ted the Moon Beauty concept and developed products to harmonise with the lunar cycle. This creative idea is awarded – appropriately enough – our Star of the Month.

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Could you pass me another sheet of shampoo, please?

Product Development: International launches

This month Amanda Lintott of Mintel has picked out the following innovative products from the company’s Global New Products Database, GNPD:

Mascara Quick Remover from Noevir features a double-sided comb design to effectively remove mascara. Speed Shower Shake from Lynx is a two-tone shower gel containing a moisturiser and Dissolving Paper Shampoo from Natural Products are sheets of shampoo that dissolve into a foam upon contact with water.

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Market Survey Packaging

At a glance: Packaging suppliers

Here it is – our fully updated 2007 market survey of packaging suppliers. The table includes entries for all those companies that returned the completed questionnaire to us in good time, which this year added up to about 200 packaging suppliers. The table is laid out in columns to make it easy for you to find suppliers of specific packaging items or services.

If you are a packaging supplier, and are not included in this year's survey please send a short e-mail to This will ensure that you are given the opportunity to submit your company details for the 2008 survey. An entry in the market survey is, of course, free of charge.


Sprays and Foams

The formulations special this month is all about "Sprays and Foams". The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 32 of the printed edition in November.

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Natural peptides: Beautify your skin

Engl. scientific version >>

Product information BeauActive MTP >>

Formulation Anti Aging Serum >>

Formulation Light Anti Aging Facial Cream >>

Formulation Anti Aging Day Care Cream >>

Formulation Facial Night Cream >>

Product development: The right type of care for every season

Formulation Spring Cleaning Mild head to toe wahing gel (Spring) >>

Formulation Smart Bodygard Sun protection cream SPf 30 (Summer) >>

Formulation Leaves on Your Hair Indulging Hair Mask (Autumn) >>

Formulation Magic Winter Therapy Protective Face Cream (Winter) >>

Products of the month: International launches

Product information Mascara Quick Remover,
Shower Gel,
Dissolving Paper Shampoo >>

Market Survey Packaging

Formulations: Sprays and foams

Formulations supplied by

Hair Setting Mousse >>

Hair Setting Mousse with Luviset Clear >>

Hair Spray >>

Hair Styling Mousse >>

Sun Protection Spray >>


Formulations supplied by
CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH

Cleansing Mousse >>

Deep Cleansing Foam >>


Formulations supplied by
Croda Chemicals Europe Ltd

Diamond Strength Spray  >>

Ice Cool Mousse >>

Non-Aerosol Styling Mousse With Frizz Control  >>

Milky Moisturising Body Spray >>

Sprayable Sunscreen Lotion >>

Hot curls styling foam  >>


Formulations supplied by
Pentapharm AG

Gentle Cleansing Foam >>

Spray For Sensitive & Dry Skin  >>

Sprayable After Sun Lotion >>

Sprayable Contouring Lotion >>

Sprayable Self - Tanning Lotion >>


Formulations supplied by various ingredient providers:

Topical Spray: Clear, Long Lasting Fragrance >>

Hydro Mousse >>

Sprayable Gel Sunscreen SPF 15 >>

Hair Spray Methylal based  >>

Refreshing Energizing Bodymist >>

Styling Pump Spray >>

Radical Sprinkle Body Spray  >>

After Eight Chocolate Mousse >>

Further formulations see formulations special >>

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