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Tomorrow’s trend products

Versatile styling agents

Jennifer Hart, Marketing Manager Hair Care & Personal Wash at Croda, describes current hair styling trends and presents MiruStyle CP for curly hair, Mirustyle X-HP that reduces the damaging effects of thermal styling tools, and Crodamol STS that imparts hair gloss.

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Ethnic Cosmetics

Different cultures – different colours

The growing interest in a return to one's cultural origins offers huge potential for growth in markets with a non-Caucasian population. Marion Geyer, Head of Creative Marketing at Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics, gives us an idea of the kind of product range that could take full advantage of the growth potential that this niche market offers.

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Market Survey


Ingredients suppliers 2007

Once again we present our market survey of suppliers of ingredients for the cosmetics industry, which has been fully updated for you. The table contains details of all the companies that responded to our questionnaire and returned their replies in good time. This year a total of about 150 ingredients suppliers sent us details of their companies and their product lines.

An important aim of this survey was to produce for you a practical and easy-to-read reference work. The table makes it easy to see, at a glance, which suppliers offer which types of ingredients. It also indicates which suppliers specialise in certain types of product.

90 percent of the companies listed stated that they produce ingredients themselves. About one third are distributors that also produce certain items themselves. About two thirds of the companies supply active substances and over 50 percent offer additives and basic ingredients.

Of the companies that took part in our survey about one sixth also have fragrance products in their ranges.
Plant-based ingredients are very much in vogue and are offered by about 80 percent of the companies listed. In contrast only about 15 percent have ingredients of animal origin. For those interested in synthesised ingredients about 60 percent of the suppliers have something to offer.

If you are an ingredients supplier and would like to be included in our survey in 2008 please contact us now. Email

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From a label to a work of art

The days are long gone when a label was no more than a way of transmitting information. In addition to adding elegance and elaborate visual effects a label needs to be a positive stimulus at the point of sale.

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Not sleepy at all: Scrub with poppy extract

Product Development: International launches

This month Amanda Lintott of Mintel has picked out the following innovative products from the company’s Global New Products Database, GNPD:

Age Recharge by Kérastase is an at-home programme to fortify the hair and scalp. "H" Serum Age-Defying Booster from 3LAB Skin Care is serum with bio-engineered human growth hormone and Gommage Corps Printemps/Été by Clé des Champs is a body scrub with organic poppy extract.

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It's off to Salzburg

On September 8th and 9th it will once again be time for BEAUTY FORUM AUSTRIA. This will be the 22nd such event and will be held in the Mode & Eventcenter in Salzburg-Bergheim. In 2006 the exhibition was attended by 5,600 trade visitors.

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Products with trend setting ingredients

This month we have collected 38 formulations that include  "trend setting ingredients", and submitted by 21 ingredients suppliers. In September we will be turning our attention to special body care formulations, and in October the focus will be on skin-firming products. All of the formulation details have been assembled with the greatest of care, however neither the publishers nor the developers of the formulations can accept any responsibility for their accuracy or safety.

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Tomorrow’s trend products: Versatile styling agents

Formulation: 2 in 1 Shower Shampoo >>

Formulation: Clear Styling Gel >>

Formulation: Curl Boost Spray >>

Formulation: Diamond Strength Spray >>

Formulation: Ice Cool Mousse >>

Formulation: Non-Aerosol Stylilng Mousse with Anti-Frizz Effect >>

Market Survey: Ingredient Providers 2007

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Product Development: International launches

Product informationen Kerastase Age Recharge, "H" Serum Age-Defying Booster, Gommage Corps Printemps/Ete >>

Formulations: Products with trend-setting ingredients

Formulations supplied by
Croda Chemicals Europe Ltd

Bath Bliss >>

Biphasic Bath Nectar >>

Body Toning Lotion >>

Fresh Face >>

Luscious Lips >>

Velvety Visage >>


Formulations supplied by
Merck KGaA

Advanced Protection' Day Care Fluid with RonaCare® AP >>

Rapid Summer Glow Day Care Cream with DHA Rapid >>

Special Care for Dry and Sensitive Skin with RonaCare® Tiliroside >>

Velvety Body Care "Home Spa" with RonaCare® Troxerutin >>

Conditioning Shampoo >>


Formulations supplied by
The Monoi Institute:

Beach Scrub >>

Island Green Balm >>

Sap Hair Conditioner >>

Velvet Fluid Skin Conditioner >>


Formulations supplied by
Worlée-Chemie G.m.b.H.

Cream with Fiflow BTX and Lecithin >>

Marine Serum with Fiflow BTY and Creagel Sea >>

SOLaLeur Moisturizing Cream >>


Formulations supplied by various ingredient providers:

Line Eraser (ST-64) >>

Reticare Anti-Ageing Skin Care >>

Instant Tiredness Removal with Quicklift(TM) >>

Facial Anti-Ageing OW-Cream with Vitamin A on demand >>

Anti-cellulite cleansing cream with Jojoba Butter Beads >>

Cream with Alpha-Glucosyl-Hesperidin >>

Moisturizing Night Cream >>

Precious Day Cream >>

From Powder To Cream >>

Anti –Wrinkling & Moisturizing Cream >>


Soothing Face Cream>>

Anti Aging Lotion >>

Moisturizing Scrub Body Wash >>

Acai Body Butter >>

Wrinkles Away Foundation with DERMAXYL® >>

Lip Balm >>

Olive Butter Lip Balm with Purester24 >>

Further formulations see formulations special >>

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