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Sun Care

Natural reduction of Erythema

Dana Gray, Managing Director of Oils of Aloha presents recent clinical studies which demonstrate the effective-ness of Solaleur* from Oils of Aloha in suppressing erythema caused by sun and radiation burns.
Studies conducted by AMA Laboratories of New City, New York, demonstrated Solaleur’s ability to significant-ly suppress burns caused by UV radiation. The product is not a sunscreen, but it does provide notable erythema reduction.

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Sun care preparations

Testing and product information

Peter Finkel sums up the most important changes that have emerged from the EU Commission's recommendati-ons with regard to the testing and consumer product information for cosmetic sun protection preparations.

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Personal Care Market in France

Strong sales at home and abroad

In 2006 French cosmetics manufacturers, as in the previous 40 years, once again managed to turn in increased sales figures. With an increase of 5.7 percent to 15.299 billion Euros it was in fact the highest growth figure for the last five years. Read here about which product categories performed particularly well.

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Lip Gloss in a 10-part pack

Product Development: International launches

This month Amanda Lintott of Mintel has picked out the following innovative products from the company’s Global New Products Database, GNPD:

Movie Madness – a 10-part pack with lip glosses and lip balms from Lotta Luv, Eye Derma-Pod from Olay Regenerist offering three treatments in one product, and Facial Mask Ja-panese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry from Pangea Organics.

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In-Cosmetics 2007

Trends review

At this year’s In-Cosmetics in Paris from April 17th to 19th the trends presentations provided high quality analysis and an insight into fascinating topics such as key trends and developments in the global cosmetics market, professional hair and skin care, ethnic differences, the organic perspective, as well as global mergers and acquisitions.

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Natural Cosmetics

For this special issue, focussing on "natural cosmetics", we have collected an interesting selection of basic formulations. In the subscriber's archive, we have published 32 different formulations for this issue, from a total of 13 ingredients suppliers. These include plenty of ideas that can be used in marketing products in line with the current "natural" trend.

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Information for download issue 06/2007

E-Paper June (English Version)
E-Paper June (German Version)

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Sun care preparations: Testing and product information

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Market data: Global Market Sun Care + Self Tanning >>

Link list in a pdf-file >>

New pictogrammes to inform consumers on dangers linked to sun exposure >>

List of Colipa publications on different legal issues, including Sun Care/ Sun Protection >>

Excel Spreadsheet for the Method for the In Vitro Determination of UVA Protection Provided by Sunscreen Products >>

Original published text: COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION of 22 September 2006 on the efficacy of sunscreen products and the claims made relating thereto >>

Information about Harmonised labelling for UVA protection claims on sun protection products >>

Market France: Strong sales at home and abroad

Advertorial Special: Find new business partners in France >>

Market data: Cosmetics & Toiletries Market France >>

Sun Care: Natural reduction of Erythema

Product information SOLaleur™ >>

Product of the Month: International Launches

Product information Lip Balm Lotta Luv, Eye Derma-Pod, Facial Mask Japanese Matcha Tea >>

Formulations: Natural Cosmetics

Formulations supplied by
Dr.Straetmans GmbH:

Nature Skin Serum >>

Natural Soothing Bath Oil >>

Natural Moisture Cream >>

Natural Clear Skin Tonic >>

Natural Rich Face Cream >>


Formulations supplied by
Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Sublim Mango >>

Energizing Soft Serum >>

Soft Cleanser >>

Slimming Coffee Lotion >>

Natural Second Skin >>


Formulations supplied by
Pentapharm AG :

Natural Absolute Repair Cream for Mature Skin >>

Natural Daycream for Sensitive Skin >>

Natural Protective Day Cream >>


Formulations supplied by

Crystal Clear Conditioning Shampooo >>

Shower Gel for Sensitive Skin >>

Moisturizing Bodywash with Sunflower oil and Exfoliationg particles >>

Mild Exfoliating Shower Gel >>

Clear Detangling Baby Shampoo >>


Formulations supplied by

Apricot & Coconut Lip Gloss >>

Sunflower Lip Softener >>

Lipology Treatment Stick >>

Luscious Lips >>

Avocado Lip Enhancing Balm >>

Formulations supplied by various other suppliers:

Papaya Cream Gel with Amiporine >>

"SuperNatural" Shower Therapy >>

Herbal Body Cleansing Foam, SLES-Free >>

Natural OW Cream with Tego Emulprot >>

Skin Tightening Facial Mask with Jojoba Protein and Jojoba Butter >>

Anti-aging Skin Care >>

Lip Balm >>

All Natural Body Wash >>

Chocolate Hemp Body Butter >>

Natural Base Face Cream >>


Further formulations see formulations special >>

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