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R & D strategy

Must be dynamic

What's happening these days in the R&D departments of the major active ingredients suppliers? COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss asked Dr. Thomas Schreier of Pentapharm and Dr. Karl Lintner of Sederma about their current and future R&D strategies, and about any recent major advances. The role of China in the development of cos-metics ingredients was also a topic for discussion.

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Encapsulation technology

New concept is a "quantum leap"

Tegosphere is a new concept from the Degussa Care & Surface Specialties division that stabilises and releases sensitive actives and won the Degussa Innovation Award for 2006 in the New Applications category. The active, embedded in a special polymer, is released on skin contact thanks to the skin's slightly acidic pH level.

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Marketers want their own designs

The use of pumps in the personal care sector is still growing, and the pumps themselves are becoming more sophisticated. Even the electronic pump may be with us in the not-too-distant future. You can discover here some of the things happening right now in the pumps business.

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Snoopy Moisture: For fashionable boys

Product Development: International launches

This month Amanda Lintott of Mintel has picked out the following innovative products from the company’s Global New Products Database, GNPD:

Plant Love Botanical Lipstick from Cargo Cosmetics –
a range of completely biodegradable lipsticks,
Snoopy Moisture Balance Face Cleaning Emulsion from Shanlana designed for fashionable boys,
and Ichiban SkinCello Mens’ Mask from Caleb Pharmaceuticals.

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Technopharm and Powtech 2007

Effective aids to production

Dr. Ludger Fischer of AC Serendip visited the Technopharm and Powtech exhibitions (March 27 to 29 in Nu-remberg) and here reports for COSSMA on the latest new developments in laboratory equipment, pilot-scale production, production technology and nano-emulsuions. Whilst Powtech is particularly important for cosmetics manufacturers the Technopharm exhibition is somewhat more important for manufacturers and processors of semi-solids.

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Cream jars and refill packs

Versatile filling lines

The Brazilian cosmetics manufacturer Natura has, for the first time, translated the concept of refill packs for shampoos and lotions to cream jars. Kugler, the machinery manufacture based in Schwäbisch Hall in Germany, developed a filling and packaging line that is suitable for both types of container as well as for different product viscosities.

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Hair Care and Styling

In this month's "hair care special" we have once again gathered an exciting selection of basic hair care formulations that you can download free of charge from the Internet. All you need are the current access codes, which you will find on the Internet button on this page. The 31 different formulations from 19 ingredients suppliers are a clear pointer to the latest tends in hair care products.

Among the formulations we bring you this month are 9 interesting ideas for shampoos and 2 for conditioners. The 2 hair masks that we describe also have a conditioning action. In addition there are 19 styling products, a Colouring Hair Gelee from Cornelius and a Temporary Aerosol Hair Coloring from DayGlo Color.

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R & D strategy: Must be dynamic

Product Information Syn-Coll >>

Product Information Syn-Ake >>

Product Information Venuceane >>

Product Information Volufiline >>

Encapsulation technology: New concept is a "quantum leap"

Article version from Degussa Scientific Newsletter >>

Formulation Facial Anti-Aging O/W Cream
with "Vitamin A on Demand" >>

Formulation O/W Cream
with TEGOSPHERE® Vit. A >>

Products of the Month: Snoopy Moisture

Product Informationen Botanical Lipstick Evangeline Lilly, Mens' Mask, Moisture Balance Face Cleaning Emulsion >>

Formulations: Hair Care and Styling

Formulations supplied by
BASF Aktiengesellschaft,
Fine Chemicals Europe, Africa, West Asia,
Cosmetic Solutions:

Hair Gel with LUVISET CLEAR >>

Hair Gel with LUVISET SUPREME >>

Setting Mousse with LUVIQUAT SUPREME >>

Setting Mousse with LUVISKOL K 90 >>

Ultra Strong Hair Gel >>


Formulations by
Dow Corning:

Hair Soft Mousse propellant free >>

Shine and Condition Cream >>

Smooth and Shine Pomade >>

Styling Wax with Mango Butter >>

Sunflower Nutrition WaterAnti Dandruff >>


Formulations by
Noveon Inc.:

Anti Dandruff Shamppo >>

Conditioning Shampoo >>

Hocus Pocus Gel >>

Melting Hair Gel >>

Ultra Mild Conditioning Shampoo >>


Formulations by various suppliers:

Nature's Cocktail Shampoo >>

Nature's Conditioning Shampoo with Nonionic Conditioning Polymer >>

Extreme Spike Hairgel with Acudyne SCP >>

Vitamin Hair Mask >>

Hair Color Gelée >>

Heat Protection Shampoo >>

Strengthening Conditioner >>

BeauPlexVH Hair Conditioner >>

KS 1.5 Shampoo >>

Soothing Shampoo with Hairspa >>

Herbal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo >>

Premium Hair Conditioner >>

Hold it Right There! All Natural Hair Pomade >>


Further formulations see formulations special >>

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