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Fragrance trends

Which way is the wind blowing?

COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss asked Barbara Zoebelein of Drom, Judith Gross of IFF, and Magali Dauwalder of Givaudan about the latest trends in fragrances - both in fine perfumery and in toiletries. She was also interested to know what the industry had up its sleeve as alternatives to the 26 proscribed aroma chemicals.

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Solubilisers for fragrance oils

In clear perspective

Incorporating ingredients like fragrances or essential oils requires highly effective solubilizers. Catherine Weichold and Stefanie Althaus from Cognis show how Eumulgin L and Eumulgin HPS, as well as Eumulgin ES for aqueous, aqueous/alcoholic and surfactant media are key tools for every formulator who encounters solubilisation challenges. Thanks to their efficacy and versatility these products may more easily lead to clear solutions, while at the same time offering the advantage of a sensorial improvement.

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Versatile new grades

Martin Kropfgans describes the new grades that Momentive Performance Materials, formerly GE Bayer Silicones, will be introducing at In-Cosmetics (see page 30 ff). The new silicones offer advantages for many different types of C&T products, ranging from hair care to colour cosmetics applications.

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Simply erase it: The Make-up Eraser Pen

This month’s most innovative positionings

This month Amanda Lintott of Mintel has picked out the following innovative products from the company’s Global New Products Database, GNPD:

Revlon’s Make-up Eraser Pen, Kiwi Foundation Liquid from Xue Fu Lai and Smile Brightening Lip from Sally Hansen.

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Next generation global preservative

LiquaPar ME is based on the short-chain methyl and ethyl parabens and therefore contains none of the controversial long-chain parabens. Andrea Wingenfeld, Technical Business Manager Preservatives at ISP Europe, shows that when combining methyl and ethyl parabens with phenoxyethanol and an additional glycolic booster, equivalent and sometimes even superior performance can be observed in comparison with the standard paraben combination products.

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Efficacy from the 5 continents

Back to basics

Anne-Laurie Rodrigues, Strategic Marketing Manager at Laboratoires Sérobiologiques, in an interview with COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss, describes the key benefits of the company’s new five-part range of actives. LS’Entielles is a line of natural actives from 5 different continents, that draws on their regional beauty heritage.

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Fragrance trends: Which way is the wind blowing?

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Solubilisers: In clear perspective

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Next generation global preservative

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Efficacy from the 5 continents: Back to basics

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Products of the Month: Make-Up Eraser

Product Information Make-Up Eraser, Kiwi Foundation Liquid, Smile Brightening Lip >>

Silicones: Versatile new grades

Product Information new Silicone grades >>

Formulations: Colour Cosmetics
Formulations supplied by
Eckart GmbH & Co. KG:

Aluminum Cream Eye Shadow - „Bright Red“ >>

Mousse - „Soft Golden Breeze“ >>

Blush - „Doucement Rouge“ >>

Lip Gloss - „Lumière des Étoiles“ >>

Nail Varnish Trend Color 2007 „Vibrant Red“ >>


Cold process fluid O/W Foundation >>

Body Shimmer Eye Make Up >>
Dow Corning

Soft As A Pillow Foundation >>
Dow Corning

Oil–In–Water Mascara >>
Eckart GmbH & Co. KG

Tinted Day Cream – „Soft Deluxe“ >>
Eckart GmbH & Co. KG

Variable-Tint Liquid Foundation >>

Lipstick mit Glitter-Pigmenten >>
Impag GmbH

Liquid Foundation >>
Impag GmbH

Volumizing mascara >>

Nail Varnish Remover >>
Lambiotte & Cie

Two Way Cake >>
Lehmann & Voss

Golden Make-up >>

Face Powder with UV Protection >>

Liquid Eyeliner >>

Protective Lipstick Mauve >>

Hot Pour Blusher >>
National Starch

Sunny Complexion Powder >>
National Starch

WO Ultra Light Liquid Foundation >>
Nikko Chemicals

Pressed Powder >>
Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH

Fresh Eyeshadow Mousse >>
Sensient-LCW Cosmetic Technologies


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