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Hair Care Trends

Botanicals are booming

The shelves are full of hair care products for every kind of individual, hair type and personal preference. Imogen Matthews, consultant to In-Cosmetics, looks at current hair care trends, such as products for ultra-shiny hair and specific hair shades, as well as products with botanical ingredients. She attempts to determine whether recent new launch activity is translating into market growth.

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Eastern Europe

Healthy margins

The Eastern European C&T market is still growing. The biggest market is of course Russia, closely followed by Poland. The struggle for third place is between the Czech Republic and Hungary, de-pending on the product cate-gory. Read here what is happen-ing in the hair care sector and how the market looks overall.

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Shampoo to combat dandruff and hair loss

This month’s most innovative positionings

This month Amanda Lintott of Mintel has picked out the following innovative products from the company’s Global New Products Database GNPD: the first shampoo to combat both dandruff and hair loss, a facial cream targeted at slimming and shaping the face and a replenishing hand lotion packaged in an oval stone-shaped pack.

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Skin and hair

The versatility of aminosiloxane

Dr. Markus Meder of Clariant here presents the wide range of potential applications for the ver-satile aminosiloxane Silcare Silicone SEA. In hair care it offers, in addition to an excellent conditioning action, added gloss and colour protection performance. In skin care products it imparts sensory properties such as a silky, velvety feel, reduces tackiness in, for instance, antiperspirants and improves the sensory properties of strongly perfumed formulations. It is also easy to handle thanks to its high solubility in water and its compatibility with oils.

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Exhibition highlights

The Emballage exhibition drew 108,054 visitors to Paris between November 20th and 24th last year to update themselves on the world of packaging. 10 percent of the visitors were there specifically to look at packaging for cosmetics, beauty products and luxury goods, some of which we highlight in this article.

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Sun care

The focus of our formulations page for February is on facial care products. In addition to the formulation from Dr. Straetmans, that we have picked out for publication in the printed issue, you will find other ideas for exciting new formulations from Cognis, Clariant and DSM in our download area.

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This month's most innovative product positionings

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Emballage Exhibition highlights

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