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Facial care

Natural or synthetic yet effective?

COSSMA asked representatives from Cognis, DSM, Kolb, Laboratoires Sérobiologiques and Pentapharm what they felt were the major trends in facial care formulations. You can read their comments here, and hear what, in addition to the trend toward natural ingredients, are some of the key elements going into the development of the latest face care formulations.

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Hair colorants banned for out-of-date safety dossiers

The European Commission has now decided to ban, with immediate effect, 22 hair colorants. Further bans are expected before the end of this year. When we think of cosmetics ingredients being banned we usually think of substances that in one way or another represent a risk to the consumer. However, the background to this latest move is rather different.

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I'm not hungry - appetite inhibiting lip balm

This month’s most innovative positionings
 A lip plumping balm with appetite inhibiting aromas, a shower gel simulating ice cream in texture, colour and scent, and a new mascara line with four varieties for different types of lashes and needs – these are the innovations picked out this month from the GNPD (Global New Products Database) by Amanda Lintott of Mintel.

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Novelties at FachPack and HBA

Fragrant multi-labels
In hall 7, stand 110, at FachPack (September 26th to 28th) Ulrich Etiketten will be showing, amongst other things, their multi-layer “Multi-Labels”, in-cluding the addition of a fragrance and the use a new UV offset print technology. The multilayer labels not only offer plenty of room for user information but can also be combined with fragrance components and scratch-off coatings. A Multi-Label, which is also sometimes called a Twin-Label, Peel & Reseal or Peel & Read label, consists of at least two layers. Using a peel-open tab the upper layer can be partially lifted to expose the message or text printed on the lower layer. This upper layer can be peeled open and reclosed numerous times. When used in combination with a fragrance the Multi-Label can, for example, help promote the sale of a cosmetics product in a very practical way, whilst also conveying information about the product in several different languages.
A list of further novelties presented at FachPack and HBA can be downloaded on the COSSMA website.

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New antioxidant findings

In his literature review, consultant Miklos M. Breuer examines recent findings in the field of antioxidants. In addition to the latest findings relating to the antioxidant content of plant extracts such as Cajanus cajan, curcumin, fruit seed oils, buckwheat herb and adansonia, it appears that  melatonins are also powerful free radical scavengers. Some unusual approaches include two-step skin bonding agents protecting the skin against damage caused by sun or pollutants, and nutrition or dietary supplemets.

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Formulations: Body care products

These days body care means a lot more than shower products and body lotions. Body scrubs and exfoliants, which gently remove dead skin cells and small impurities from the skin's surface and stimulate the microcirculation, have been very popular for a few years now. Because in many western countries obesity is becoming a serious problem there is also a big demand for products that actively work on the body shape, such as skin firming creams and body shaping gels.

In summer it is even more important than ever to ensure that one's legs are fit to be on show, even if they are suffering from a slight irritation after shaving. This is where soothing leg after-shave products have a role to play. And there are vitalising sprays to help tired, heavy-feeling legs. The skin around the bust area is also very sensitive and needs special care. Maybe a décolleté firming spray would be a winner!

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Facial care: Natural or synthetic yet effective?

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Hair colorants banned for out-of-date safety dossiers

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20 years in skin measurement technology

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Novelties at FachPack and HBA

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This month’s most innovative positionings

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New antioxidant findings

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Formulations: Body Care Products

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