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E-Paper July

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COS050714 Dynamic growth of body care in all sectors

  • Market data: Market size body care products in Mn. Euro
  • Market data: Market leading brands in world market body care


COS050722 If the packaging isn't right for senior citizens ...

  • data on study series "packaging for senior citizens" (pdf)


COS050724 15 years of Dermatronnier – identifying + evaluating the condition of the skin

  • Info: Influence of amount of sun screen applied on SPF
  • Info: Frictiometrie used on human skin
  • Info: non-invasisve testing methods for human scalp


COS050732 Contract manufacturer growing fast

  • Company information Kematen Cosmetics


COS050734 Two-compartment aerosols as popular as ever

  • Informationen on Coster maschine 52SM Eco
  • Informationen on Coster maschine 52SM Perfumery


COS050737 Formulations: Products for mature skin

  • Activating Eye Fluid
  • Triple Active Body Balm

Dynamic growth of body care in all sectors

In our anniversary article on the subject of body care we highlight the development of certain market sectors within this product category. In addition to focussing on the robust increase in sales of depilatory products and products such as body lotions we also take a look at the flourishing market for deodorants and anti-perspirants. Since 1997 there has been a 45.5 percent increase in this category, with worldwide sales reaching 8.4 billion Euros. As well as highlighting current trends we also examine what is happening when it comes to the fragrancing of body care products. COS050714 Additional information for subscribers: Market data bodycare market in size and market share per brand More...


If the packaging isnÂ’t right for senior citizens ...

When we think about special packaging for senior citizens we tend to think about simplified designs and oversized text. But do the over-sixties really want packaging that highlights age-related physical disabilities and clearly stigmatises them as “older people”? A study by Pro Carton entitled 60+* has been looking into what the over-sixties expect from packaging. 81 percent of the target population is satisfied with current packaging only to a limited extent, or is totally dissatisfied. In summary – poorly conceived packaging results in a reluctance to buy. COS050722 Additional information for subscribers: Study material "Packaging for senior citizens" More...


15 years of Dermatronnier – identifying + evaluating the condition of the skin

As part of the 6th Derma Days event that took place in Germany on April 27th and 28th, the Institute for Experimental Dermatology at the University of Witten/Herdecke celebrated its 15th anniversary. COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss asked Prof. Dr. Hagen Tronnier about the institute and the future direction for the evaluation of cosmetics and dermatological preparations. COS050724 Additional information for subscribers: Info on sun screen application, frictiometrie, non-invasive testing methods of scalp More...

Contract manufacturer growing fast

The principal reason behind the acquisitions recently made by Kematen, the Austrian cosmetics contract manufacturer, is to extend and complete the range of manufacturing services that they offer. Bernhard and Martin Scholz, the company directors, spoke to COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss about the background to the moves, their future plans and the way the industry is moving. COS050732 Additional information for subscribers for download: Further information on Kematen Cosmetics More...

Two-compartment aerosols as popular as ever

Today, the worldwide market for two-compartment aerosol cans such as the piston can, the Bi-Can and the BOV (Bag on Valve) is estimated to be around 400 million units per year, and constantly expanding. This article by Coster describes the development of this special type of packaging, with its advantages, and also presents the companyÂ’s patented BOV system that reduces permeability as well as the 52SM ECO, an automatic filling machine suitable for both standard aerosols and BOVs. COS050734 Additional information for subscribers: Info on Coster's machines for 2 compartment aersol filling  More...