June 2005

Editorial Focus: Sun Care

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Additional information for articles in issue 6/2005

COS050614 What we should know about UV filters

  • Download: German extended version of article(pdf)
  • Download: List of UV filters f. cosmetic products (pdf)


COS050616 Improved UV-A protection

  • Download: Leaflet on Uvinol A Plus (16 pages, 500 KB, pdf)
  • Download: Formulation Sun Protection Cream (pdf)
  • Download: Formulation Sun Care Emulsion (pdf)
  • Download: Formulation Sun Care Lotion (pdf)


COS050626 Sucrose polystearate – moisturising properties and a pleasing skin feel

  • Download: Formulation Velvety Body Cream (pdf)
  • Download: Formulation Facial Care with Emulgade (pdf)


COS050639 Formulations Natural Cosmetics

  • Download: Formulation Face Care Cream Green Tea (pdf)
  • Download: Formulation Lifting Day Care (pdf)


COS050619 Sun-care takes a hit,but no sign of market saturation

  • Download: Grafiken zur Marktentwicklung (pdf)
  • Download: Texteil zur Marktentwicklung (pdf)

In a COSSMA interview Christine Schönfelder, Head of Marketing at BASF Cosmetic Solutions Europe, Africa, West Asia, explains how Uvinul A Plus* differs from other UV-A filters, says for which products it is most suitable, and points to the interesting synergistic effects that can be achieved. Addtional information for download (free of charge for subscribers): Information on Uvinol A Plus;3 sample formulations for sun care products (COS050616) Read more...

Peter Finkel, a member of COSSMAÂ’s expert team and head of research at Sara Lee furnishes some important background information on the subject of UV filters. Addtional information for download (free of charge for subscribers):Extended List of UV-Filters for Cosmetic Products (COS050614) Read more...

Sucrose polystearate – moisturising properties and a pleasing skin feel

Consumers of cosmetics are looking for products that are not only func-tional but that also offer emotional benefits such as a sensory pleasure. How Emulgade Sucro, the new emul-sifier from Cognis, can help to create products with improved efficacy and which provide a good sensory per-formance is explained by Bettina Jackwerth, CognisÂ’ Global Marketing Manager Skin Care, and Valerie Pian, Marketing Manager Personal Care France. Addtional information for download (free of charge for subscribers): Sample Formulation Face Care; Sample Formulation Body Cream (COS050614) Read more...



Sun-care takes a hit, but no sign of market saturation

It’s a stark fact that in 2004 sales of sun-care cosmetics in Germany fell by 17.7 percent to 110.8 million Euros. The poor summer also meant that unit sales fell by a significant 13.5 percent to 22.536 million packs – but the market is by no means saturated, as is made clear by Beiersdorf’s analysis of consumer trends. Addtional information for download (free of charge for subscribers): Complete Charts on market development (COS050619) Read more...

Formulations: Natural cosmetics

Growth rates in double figures, despite the depressed economic situation Â… How can such results be achieved in the face of a stagnating cosmetics market? The answer, of course, is to join the natural cosmetics boom. Consumers today are always on the look-out for genuine, unadulterated products, so itÂ’s no wonder that natural cosmetics are attracting increased interest and consumer approval. This trend is also attracting the attention of the traditional cosmetics manufacturers, who show an increasing interest in taking a slice of the expanding market for natural cosmetics. Formulations for natural cosmetics from, among others, Rahn and Cognis, can be found at the relevant website.

Addtional information for download (free of charge for subscribers): Sample Formulation Face Care Cream with Green Tea; Sample Formulation Lifting Day Care (COS050639)  Read more...



Body care trends in Europe

Body care is no longer the poor relation of facial skincare, as European women incorporate body products into their daily grooming routine. Accord-ing to Imogen Matthews, consultant to In-Cosmetics, the market is spurred by innovative launches such as two-in-one products with a slimming and moisturising action, slimming patches, products that, with the help of scent, activate fat-burning, and products designed to reduce hair growth. Read more...