May 2005

Editorial Focus: Fragrances and Perfumery

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Additional Information for articles in issue 5/2005

COS050516 Fragrances: perspectives for a saturated market

  • Download: Fragrance Market Data by country (pdf)
  • Download: Fragrance Market by Comanies/Brands (pdf)
  • Download: Fragrance Market fixed Exchange Rates (pdf)


COS050522 Fragrance houses: boring advertising is a wasted opportunity

  • Download: Advertising campaign motives


COS050528 Promising new approaches in recent body and oral deodorant patents

  • Download: References (pdf)


COS050531 Superior conditioning performance for body washes

  • Download: Formulation Conditioning Body Wash (pdf)
  • Download: Formulation Luxurious Body Wash (pdf)


COS050537 Formulations Hair Care

  • Download: Formulierung Creamrinse (pdf)
  • Download: Formulierung Deep Penetrating Hair Reconstruct. (pdf)

Fragrances: perspectives for a saturated market

In our anniversary series, which we started in our last issue with the topic of aerosols, COSSMAÂ’s celebrations are centred around the slogan “5 years packed with facts”. In this issue Claire Briney of Euromonitor focuses on developments in the fragrance market, such as the uninterrupted success of Chanel No 5, the success of lifestyle brands, and celebrity fragrances, as well as the emergence of limited editions. And by the way, donÂ’t forget to take a closer look at our jubilee quiz. COS050516  More...

The right active for the right wellness product

The wellness megatrend has certainly taken a firm hold on the market. But which active substances are the most appropriate for use in skin care products with a “Wellness” claim? Andrea Weber-Mußmann, head of R&D at Babor Cosmetics, supplies some answers. COS050518  More...

Fragrance houses: boring advertising is a wasted opportunity

The perfume industry is strongly image-driven. In comparison, the creativity of their suppliers, i.e. the traditional fragrance houses, leaves a lot to be desired. This surprising view was expressed by Dr. Ferdinand Storp, managing director of drom fragrances international, in an interview with COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss. COS050522  More...

Superior conditioning performance for body washes

Laboratory evaluations have shown that SoftCAT SK, AmercholÂ’s new family of conditioning polymers for body wash systems, give more efficient deposition of ingredients such as emollient oils, sunscreen actives, and fragrances. In addition, the new polymers not only facilitate crystal clear formulations but also have a foam performance superior to conventional conditioning polymers.








Promising new approaches in recent body and oral deodorant patents

Combating unpleasant body and oral odours is an important function of cosmetic products. Miklos M. Breuer has looked at recent patents describing new types of anti-microbial systems and other innovative approaches. 
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Formulations for Hair Care Products

The mainstay of the hair care business is still shampoos – after all, even people who are not really interested in toiletries products wash their hair. But hair treatments and masks are still growing in popularity, buoyed up by the Wellness megatrend. In terms of new product concepts itÂ’s really a question of offering something to meet ever more specialised needs. COS050537 More...