April 2005

Editorial Focus: Research, Development, Marketing

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Additional information for articles in issue 04/2005

COS050428 Men care today as never before

  • Formulation: Enhanced Safe Tanning Gel (pdf)
  • Formulation: Eye Care Cream (pdf)
  • Formulation: Hand Cream (pdf)
  • Formulierung: Moisturizing Lip Gloss (pdf)
  • Ausführliche Version Artikel (deutsch)


COS050430 Towards totally reliable safety evaluation

  • Pictures DGK-Symposium


COS050434 SEPAWA sets up new cosmetics group

  • Pictures set up meeting

COS050440 In-Cosmetics: More than 300 exhibitors with lots new to show

  • Weitere Infos zur InCosmetics (pdf)


COS050448 Anti-wrinkle peptides,melons with DNA-protection + energizing algae

  • Product info PEPHA-CTIVE (pdf)
  • Produktinfo PEPHA-PROTECT (pdf)
  • Formulation Age Killing Effect Day Cream (pdf)
  • Formulation DNA Protective Pre-and After Sun Cream
  • Formulation Facial Energising Ampoulle (pdf)
  • Formulation Good Morning Cream (pdf)
  • Formulation Wrinkle Killing Moisturizer for Men (pdf)


COS050450 Mild formulations for an ageing population

  • Formulierung Scoopable Jelly Bath (pdf)


COS050471 Formulations: Colour Cosmetics

  • Formulation Long Lasting Lipgloss (pdf)
  • Formulation: Halo Lipstick Bloomy Red (pdf)
  • Formulation: Lipstick Base (pdf)
  • Formulation: Formulierung: Lipstick Organza (pdf)
  • Formulation: Nail Lacquer (pdf)
  • Formulation: Styling Gel with blue sparkles (pdf)

In-Cosmetics: More than 300 exhibitors with lots new to show

In-Cosmetics, the international ingredients exhibition, takes place this year for the 15th time. The venue is Berlin and the dates are April 12 to April 14. In total more than 315 exhibitors are expected. We have picked out just a few of the many new products that will be on show, to give you something of an appetiser. COS040450 More...

Anti-wrinkle peptides, melons with DNA-protection + energizing algae

Barbara Obermayer presents Pentapharm's three new actives: Syn-Ake that banishes wrinkles and is related to a peptide from the snake known as Wagler's pit viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri), Pepha-Protect that is produced from a melon extract and protects the DNA, and Pepha-Ctive, an energiser for the skin produced from micro algae. COS040448 More...

Mild formulations for an ageing population

Julian Hewitt and Craig Queen from Uniqema illustrate how easy it can be to formulate mild products that are nevertheless still efficient. Lower levels of surfactant, lower levels of actives but still with an efficient delivery, mild moisturisation with the help of phospholipids and titanium dioxide dispersions as an alternative to organic based sunscreens are the solutions indicated. COS040450 More...











Men care today as never before

The modern man who sets great store by his outward appearance, and who wants to start the day looking smart and well-groomed, is a rapidly growing phenomenon. Doris Kullartz of S. Black* believes that facial care in particular has a rosy future. COS040428 More...

Formulations: Colour Cosmetics

The times have long gone when colour cosmetics had to be just colourful, and shining or shimmering. Now itÂ’s become standard for such products to include some additional benefit. Skin care action, anti-ageing ingredients, volumising effects, sun protection, and a long lasting action are all part of colour cosmetics today. This month we present a formulation with a long lasting effect, but not a lipstick, as you may expect, but a lip gloss. COS040471 More...