March 2005

Editorial Focus: Actives in Trend

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Additional information for articles in issue 03/2005

COS050318 Lifting- the natural way

  • Background Info Liftonin (pdf)
  • Formulation Firming Bodylotion (pdf)


COS050338 B2B advertising needs emotion

  • Background information brochure (pdf)
  • Formulation Hair Gel 1 (pdf) 
  • Formulation Hair Gel 2 (pdf) 
  • Formulation Hair Gel with Luvigel and Luviquat (pdf)


COS050340 A stable form of alpha-Tocopherol

  • Formulation Anti Ageing Lotion (pdf)
  • Formulation Moisturizing Cream (pdf)
  • Background-Info Tagravit (pdf)
  • Figure Tagravit (pdf)


COS050353 Formulation Bath and Showerproducts

  • Formulation Exotic Body Scrub (pdf)
  • Formullation Extra Rich Body Wash Emulsion (pdf)
  • Formulation Bath Oil with Extra Care (pdf)
  • Formulation Shower Gel Creamy Appearance (pdf)

Lifting- the natural way

For many people in our modern society it has become important to maintain a young appearance. Professional chemical exfoliants to improve the complexion, lifting wrinkles by injection with resorbable fillers, or effectively paralysing the area around expression lines with Botox are nothing unusual. But many people do shy away from the cosmetic surgeon and prefer to seek alternatives from a jar. Birgit Pulfrich here presents Liftonin, a plant-based active with extract of millet and tannins from leaf galls. It reduces existing wrinkles in a natural way and helps prevent their further appearance.COS050318 More...

B2B advertising needs emotion

In an interview with COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss, Klaus Kalter of BASF, Head of Communication and PR, Fine Chemicals, Europe, Africa, West Asia, outlines some important points to be aware of when developing an international advertising campaign and explains what a successful campaign should look like. COS050330 More...

A stable form of Alpha-tocopherol

In order to maintain Alpha-tocopherol's potent biological activity and prevent its oxidation in cosmetic formulations, Tagra Biotechnologies has developed Tagravit E microcapsules. They contain a 25 percent concentration of Alpha-tocopherol microencapsulated using the companyÂ’s patented technology. The special controlled release mechanism ensures the delivery of stable Alpha-tocopherol directly onto the skin only upon application. COS050340 More...

Formulations: Bath and shower products

It could be said that there is nothing more ordinary than bath and shower products, so itÂ’s no wonder that the market for this product category has been slowly declining since 2000. In Germany, for instance, sales fell from 754 million Euros in 2000 to 708 million in 2004. And yet we are seeing ever more creative concepts in a sector that has, along with others, been particularly enlivened in recent years by the wellness megatrend. Still very popular is the whole range of skin-firming shower additives. In RahnÂ’s white, creamy, Firming Shower Gel it is Perfeline that provides the skin-toning effect, whilst ginkgo biloba invigorates the skin and Amilite GCS 11 acts as a moisturising surfactant with good foaming properties. COS050353 More...