January 2005

Editorial Focus: Cosmetics Distribution

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COS050103 Much ado about nothing?

  • Comment of Colipa (pdf)
  • Official Response Colipa (pdf)


COS050114 The trend towards cosmeceuticals

  • Extended Version (pdf-file)


COS050116 Cosmetic Clothing

  • Wiss. Version mit Literaturangaben (pdf)


COS050122 Elegant classics over exotic designs

  • Product information Avanti (pdf)
  • Product information Polaris (pdf)


COS050124 The stars of anti-ageing: exclusive actives, vitamins and UV protection

  • List of brands verified (pdf)


COS050126 Caffein to prevent hair loss?

  • Research done by Dr. Wolff Forschung (pdf)
  • Research done by Universitätsklinik Jena (pdf)


COS050132 Sun care: silicone resins offer new solutions

  • Scientific version with tables and diagrams (pdf)

Elegant classics over exotic designs

“With the new Avanti and Polaris standard ranges that we launched in 2004 we are serving two market sectors that still have lots of potential – kidÂ’s products and menÂ’s cosmetics”, explains Dr. Matthias Rebhan, head of Rebhan Plastic Packaging, in an interview with COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss. COS050122 Mehr... 

Much ado about nothing?

Here is fine example of the relevance of facts. As last year drew to a close headlines such as “Shampoo endangers brain cells” (Spiegel Online, December 6th 2004) were sure to throw the consumer world into a spin. The controversy was triggered by the additive methylisothiazolinone (MIT) which is used as a preservative in shampoos. COS050103 More...

The trend towards cosmeceuticals

Imogen Matthews, consultant to In-Cosmetics, examines the latest developments in cosmeceuticals – products containing ingredients capable of producing a visible change to the skin -  and the new niche category, nutraceuticals, which claim to improve the skin from the inside out. COS050114 More...




Cosmetic Clothing

Textiles impregnated with biocides and cosmetic actives are creating a new trend. They can prevent or neutralise undesirable odours, care for, and even tighten, the skin, reduce cellulite, and help to heal skin disorders. And yet Alfred Braunagel of Coscontec wonders about their efficacy, and about the consumer safety aspects. COS050116 More...




The stars of anti-ageing: exclusive actives, vitamins and UV protection

Dr. Jan-H. Riedel of BSB has been taking a close look at the active substances in anti-ageing products from Dermo Expertise, Nivea Visage and Oil of Olay. He found that, among the mass market ranges, a higher marketing profile was given to exclusive actives, the perennial favourites – vitamins, and UV absorbers, than to innovative actives.COS050124 More...




Sun care: silicone resins offer new solutions

Dr. Roy U. Rojas Wahl of GE Silicones shows how silicones can be used in sun protection formulations as a functional solution to specific problems. The new generation of silicone resins not only provide a silky skin feel but are also able to increase the SPF of the formulation. They improve the efficiency of UV-A filters, make the product waterproof, and can also dissolve UV filters. Hence the concentration level of UV filters and other ingredients can be reduced and the product becomes more skin-tolerant. COS050132 More...




Coffein prevents hair loss

50 percent of all men suffer from some form of hair loss. In 80 percent of these cases the problem is a genetic one, and still no real treatment has been found. The Dr. Kurt Wolff Research laboratory has however succeeded in demonstrating that the active complex with caffeine found in the After Shampoo Liquid from Alpecin really does combat the causes of hereditary hair loss – and so is our Star of the Month. COS050126 More...