Additional information for articles in issue 11/2004

COS041110 Creatine for an anti-ageing effect

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COS041114 A look back at new products in 2004: Ingredients

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COS041118  Best packaging ideas 2004

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COS041128 Cosmetic alternatives to Botox

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COS041130 Active power from peptides

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COS041132 Active ingredients with marketing claims

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COS041136 Surfactants for the natural route to multiple functionality

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Neue Products 2004: Ingredients and Packaging

What's new in cosmetics ingredients? What's new in cosmetics packaging?COSSMA decided to ask around the industry, and has assembled an impressive list of new products from numerous suppliers. For the first time with list both, ingredients and innovative packaging solutions for cosmetics products. COS041114 COS041118  Mehr...

Cosmetic alternatives to botox

The number of new ingredients that have a similar action to botulinum toxin (namely the suppression of nerve/muscle stimulation) available to cosmetics manufacturers is growing and growing. Here Andrea Weber-Mußmann, head of R&D at Babor Cosmetics, looks at some of the most significant alternatives to Botox.  COS041128 More...

Active power from peptides

In a succinct overview of cosmetics peptides Angela Kleiner, Technical Marketing Manager at Sederma, explains how these actives work and what they are used for. They improve the structure of the skin, are able to reduce wrinkles with a Botox-like action, lock the hair follicles more firmly to the scalp and combat fine expression lines by way of muscle relaxation. COS041130 More...


Surfactants for the natural route to multiple functionality

Ulrike Marx and Torsten Krohn, of the surfactants division for cosmetic application at Zschimmer & Schwarz describe the main advantages of Protelans, a very mild vegetable-based surfactant range with good skin compatibility and multifunctional properties such as improving the smoothness of the skin, skin feel, hair manageability, and foam volume, as well as moisturising skin and hair. COS041136 More...

Creatine for an anti-ageing effect

As has been proven in numerous scientific tests, Tego Cosmo 100 with creatine has a positive effect on ageing, stressed or UV damaged skin. Its appearance is improved, the skin becomes tighter and wrinkles are reduced. COS041110 More...

Active ingredients with marketing claims

Isabelle Benoit, Global Marketing Manager at Laboratoires Sérobiologiques (LS), a subsidiary of the Cognis group, and Isabelle Stussi, the companyÂ’s head of communications , outline in their COSSMA article some of the companyÂ’s innovative actives which serve the wellness trend by offering health, beauty, anti-ageing and convenience benefits. These actives include: Active Powders Technology for incorporating water-soluble actives into anhydrous formulations; Myoxinol that smoothes expression lines; HSP Balance, an anti-ageing active acting as heat shock proteins; Anasensyl, specially developed for menÂ’s skin; and Purisoft and Puricare, with their anti-pollution and anti-stress actions. COS041132 More...