Cossma - opening doors to the cosmetics industry

COSSMA advertisers have  a multi-media presence.
All print advertisers are included free of charge into the Internet:
with one of the online modules or in the suppliers‘ guide.

COSSMA advertisers will make regular and timely contact with their
target customers around the globe: Every issue is distributed worldwide- monthly, with the full text of every article published in English and in German.

COSSMA is published in an English and a German version.
Your advertisement will automatically be published in the
English AND the German issue - you will get
2 adverts for the price of 1.

COSSMA advertisers reach all of the key decision makers with just one media:
research and development managers, company directors, marketing departments, technologists, service providers and packaging specialists. They all read COSSMA.

COSSMA advertisers have a high level of visibility among these  top decision makers, thanks to the COSSMA concept: It enables busy executives to glean
a maximum of information in a minimum of time.