September 2015

Schwerpunktthema: Gesichtspflege

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Facial Care

Mapping the future of skin care

Mathias Gempeler, Head of Global Skin Care Marketing at DSM, talked to COSSMA about the latest global and regional trends in facial skin care, the latest trends in active ingredients and peptides, as well as the company’s most exciting recent studies.

Front cover picture: Bochkarev Photography,

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Award-winning peptide

First peptide for cosmetics

Matrixyl, the first peptide used for personal care applications, scooped the 25 Years of Innovation Award that recognises the personal care ingredient with the greatest impact on the personal care ingredients market at this year’s In-Cosmetics in Barcelona. COSSMA editor Angelika Meiss wanted to know from Olga Gracioso from Sederma what makes this ingredi-ent so unique.

photo: Svetography,

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Silicone film formers

An answer to skin care trends    

According to recent studies, Dow Corning’s silicone film formers can play a role in providing a skin tightening effect, helping to lift and firm the face.

photo: Vita Khorzhevska,

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Global trends in a nutshell

Instant efficacy, epigenetics,
microbiome and lifestyle

Tony Jaillot from BASF points out the latest developments in facial care and explains with what ingredients these trends can be matched.

photo: Aslysun,

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Serving today’s consumer needs

Which ingredients provide powerful solutions for current consumer demands? Representatives from Impag, Cobiosa, DuPont, Soliance/Givaudan, IBR, BASF, and AlfaCos provide some compelling insights into current cosmetics trends and provide in-formation on ingredients with convincing performance. 

photo: Robert Neumann,

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Sun protection and more

21st DGK symposium in Darmstadt

This year’s 21st DGK symposium which took place from 20-22nd May in Darmstadt focused on “Man and the sun” and the impact of the sun on human beings, ageing and sun protection.

photo: Johnny-ka,

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A green approach

Natural and silicone-free hair conditioning

Study results prove that two natural-based ingredients from Natura-Tec – an ester complex from olive origin and a triglyceride ester of Phytosterols – can replace silicone in conditioning and hair care applications without compromising efficacy and sensorial performance.

photo: istockphoto

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A look behind the scenes

The story of hydrosoluble PEG-free oils

There are many active ingredients in the market that have been designed in the laboratory, although sometimes with limited practical approach. Greentech’s Aquasiloil range consists of plant oils that solubilize easily in the aqueous phase. In order to better un-derstand the development behind this approach, COSSMA interviewed Lau-rent Chaisemartin responsible for the creation of this range.

photo: picturepartners,

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Body Care

Here is a wide variety of body care products, and the choice of formulations we are offering here for your inspiration mirrors exactly this diversity. We have selected many different formulations ranging from the everyday body lotion and shower gel to deodorants. Floratech presents an interesting alternative to the everyday body lotion with its Moringa Butter Moisturizing Body Masque. Another unusual idea is Croda’s Crystal Clear SOS Nourishing Stick, the Ready-to-use Oil Gel Bases by Alfa Chemicals, BASF’s Sprayable Body Lotion, or the Body Oil against Dry Skin by GfN Selco.

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 54 of the printed edition.

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