Juli-August 2015

Schwerpunktthema: Naturkosmetik

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Natural Cosmetic

The global natural and organic cosmetic market

Growth in the global market for natural and organic cosmetics is continuing, with sales reaching almost US$12bn in 2014. The market has doubled in value since 2006. However, according to Amarjit Sahota from Organic Monitor, in spite of the healthy growth occurring, there are many challenges ahead.

Front cover picture: Africa Studio, Shutterstock.com

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Sustainable produced ingredients

Helping naturally!

Ingredients that have been produced in a sustainable manner are becoming more and more popular. With the help of sustainable production methods such as eth-anolic extraction of plants, fer-mentation processes, plant stem cell technology and extraction with super critical CO2, Sederma has developed several sustainable active ingredients with impressive results.

photo: Sederma

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For new ecological formulation concepts

Surfactants with high compatibility and conditioning properties 

Clariant’s new GlucoTain range of sugar-based surfactants offers good performance as well as additional sensory benefits. Thus, it helps formulators develop innova-tive products and platforms –based on sulfate-free, CAPB-free and EO-free formulations – for a wide range of applications.

photo: Konstantin Yuganov, Shutterstock.com

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With a sensational plus

Natural-based emulsifier

BASF’s new 100% natural-based emulsifier Emulgade Sucro Plus is gentle on the skin, eyes and eyelids, and its impressive sensory performance helps im-prove application and absorption. Due to its efficient electrolyte compatibility, it is suitable for formulations with high active and water soluble sun filter content.

photo: BASF

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Turkey and Middle East

Good opportunities for regional and global players?

The potential of the Middle East, a disparate and complex region traditionally overlooked by the global beauty industry, was discussed at this year’s In-Cosmetics show in Barcelona in a number of marketing trends presentations. After all it is the second fastest growing beauty and personal care market and it is characterized by considerable opportunities for growth, accord-ing to Euromonitor.

photo: Alyona Pinchuk, Shutterstock.com

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Market Survey

Ingredient Providers

If you are on the lookout for interesting new actives and additives to help formulate your forthcoming new products then our updated market survey of ingredients suppliers will surely be of great help. Our clear tabular layout shows not only which suppliers have what type of products in their range, but also gives their immediate contact details.

Click here to download the overview with updated data 2015

photo: Pixelliebe, Shutterstock.com

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Pitfalls to be avoided

Most cosmetics brands are not content with being successful in their home market, but strive to turn themselves into a sought-after brand in other markets, too. However, on the way to global success, there are many pitfalls to be avoided. At the event Cosmetics around the world – A global journey through formulation requirements, branding and regulatory obstacles* Vivienne Rudd from Mintel provided some valuable insights into Beauty Trends around the world.

photo: Paul Hakimata Photography, Shutterstock.com

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Hair Care, Hair Colour, Hair Styling

Hair care is one of the most profitable C&T categories worldwide.In our broad selection of hair care formulations, one stands out as particularly striking: Men’s cream for scalp SPF 30 from DSM. After all, this is just what men with a receding hairline or thinning hair need. Another product taking up the topic of scalp care is Sederma’s Happy Scalp Regulating Serum. More formulations providing intensive care include Dr.Straetman’s Natural Intensive Hair Treatment, Lucas Meyer’s CC Hair Cream, Naturochim’s Argan Hair Mask and Lipo Chemicals’ Hair Mask with Jojoba.

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 74 of the printed edition.

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