April 2015

Schwerpunktthema:  Body Care

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Body Care

‘Free from claims’: Meaningful or Meaningless?

More and more consumers are looking for products which are free from certain ingredients. In order to meet consumer expectations in this regard, marketing divisions all over the world have jumped on the bandwagon and attached a ‘free from’ label to their products. How should this trend be viewed today, and what developments can be made out when we look to the future?

Front cover picture: Monticello, Shutterstock.com

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Sun Care

Reliable protection with a light feel

Martin Krause and Sophie Viala, from Bayer Material Science, show that the new film-forming polymer Baycusan C 2000 helps to create cost-effective ethanol-based sunscreen products – with broad spectrum protection and a high-SPF – that are durable and long-lasting without being tacky or sticky.

photo: Valentyn Volkov, Shutterstock.com

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Hair Care

A naturally-derived silicone replacement

The ester oil Dermofeel Sensolv is a natural conditioner alternative to silicones, and is compatible with a large variety of hair care formulations. Its effective and reversible hydrophobic interaction with the hair surface – even in the absence of cationic conditioners – improves combing forces, static effects, curl retentions and the sensorial profile of hair.

photo: Valua Vitaly, Shutterstock.com

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In-Cosmetics 2015

Highlights in close-up

In-Cosmetics 2015 – this year celebrating its 25th anniversary – brings the latest ingredients and beauty industry trends to life in Barcelona. More than 680 suppli-ers from over 40 countries launch-ing new ingredients and present-ing their latest research results and consumer insights will attract more than 8,000 personal care professionals.

photo: Clariant

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Stem cell cosmetics

Ice age cosmetics with ice age survivors 

PhytoCellTec Nunatak is the first active ingredient that is based on a rare flower that survived the last Ice Age in the Alps. Beata Hurst from Mibelle Biochemistry shows that the extract of Saponaria pumila stem cells effectively promotes dermal stem cell activity and protects them from UV-induced stress.

photo: Mibelle

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Star of the Month

The Twin Pack Bottle

In recent years double-ended packaging has been hitting the scene quite often. However, they have mainly popped up in the field of colour cosmetics. So there have been quite a few double-ended mascara, eyeliner and lip products. Interestingly enough, the idea of a smart product combination, up until now, has not yet been translated into body care. Corpack has now closed this packaging gap with their Twin-Pack Bottle and, therefore, this deserves our Star of the Month.

photo: Corpack

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Inspiring facts and ideas for trend formulations

Dr. Dagmar Kleefeld from Merck presents the latest insights into the realities of Asian skin care and colour cosmetics; provides suggestions for the younger generation; and presents the latest findings concerning some of the company’s trend ingredients.

photo: Merck

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Masks & more

The formulations we have compiled from a broad range of suppliers  presents some new ideas, particularly in the field of hair care, foot care and facial masks. In addition, there are some interesting ideas for facial masks and shower products. Most of the formulations presented here have taken the traditional categories into new dimensions. And this is precisely the approach to take if you want your new product launches to be a real success.

The very varied mix of basic formulations that have been specially submitted for this issue by ingredients manufacturers can be downloaded free of charge from our web site. You will find your access codes on the Internet button on page 3 and 58 of the printed edition.

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