November 2015

Schwerpunktthema: Cosmeceuticals

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Focus: Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals: A mere pseudo category?

More and more people are seeking cosmetics products with an instant effect. No wonder that buzzwords such as active ingre-dients and cosmeceuticals are very fashionable. Our interview with Prof Dr Karl Lintner from Kal’Idées makes it clear why these terms should be viewed from a different perspective.

cover photo: Alice Photo,

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Solutions for stressed skin

Creating cosmetic products for stressed skin is a challenge. So what are the ideal ingredients for formulations with a low chemical load? A sense of wellbeing is closely associated with healthy skin. If your skin feels itchy here or prickly there, or if you have the feeling that flushing attracts unpleasant attention, then feeling unwell is inevitable. People with demanding skin experience a reduced quality of life every day which correlates with an impact on their mood. The skin conditions of demanding skin include sensitive skin, very dry skin, ageing skin, diabetic skin or skin conditions associated with certain disease processes.

photo: Getty Images, GettyImages, 522650741 (1)

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Protecting against dirt

Anti-pollution trend for hair care

Air pollution has a detrimental effect not only on the skin, but also on hair. No wonder that the number of anti-pollution and environmental protection claims for skin and hair care is increasing. Which ingredients help to reduce the effects of air pollutants and create a detox effect on the scalp and hair?
Does the term PM2.5 ring a bell? If yes, you are probably familiar with the Chinese cosmetics market. Here, you will even find advertising which claims an effect against Particulate Matter 2.5 – the alveolar fine dust.

photo: Donskarpo,

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Market Survey

Packaging Suppliers

Your formulation for a new cosmetic or body care product will not really look its best on the shelf without the right packaging. Is it part of a range where the jar, tube and bottle have to match each other as far as is reasonable? Does it need glass, plastic or metal packaging? A jar, a bottle, a tottle or a tube? In our freshly updated market survey, you will find a super overview of which supplier offers what kind of packaging.

photo: RPC Bramlage

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Non-Aerosol Sprays

Fitting ingredients to function

This article features four key ways in which formulations for non-aerosol sprays assist consumers in creating and maintain-ing their hair styles. Consumers today are looking to styling sprays to build volume, define curls and protect against damage from heat and humid-ity. Non-aerosol pump-spray formulations offer several advantages vs. their high-VOC counterparts: improved styling flexibility, improved safety with non-flammable systems and, for manufacturers, alcohol-free label claims.

photo: Africa Studio,

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Creating on-trend hairstyles

BASF’s Styling Trends & Textures Box

What are the functional and emotional needs of specific consumer groups when it comes to conditioning hair care products? BASF has developed formulations that exactly meet the functional hair care requirements of 4 consumer archetypes.

photos: BASF

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ISO 17516

A new standard for microbiological limits in cosmetics

What are the main characteristics of ISO 17516 and in what way does it differ from the previous microbiological limits in cosmetics? In recent years there have been numerous changes regarding the microbiological requirements in the cosmetic industry. In this context, the GMP standard ISO 22176 is of particular importance. This standard has been turned into an official requirement through the European cosmetic directive no. 1223/2009 and has also been published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

photo: Science Photo,

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Sprays & more

In this issue we are focusing on sprays, gels and foams and our selection spans a wide variety of formulations. The majority of the formulations listed are of course designed for hair care and hair styling products, as well as sun care products. But, of course, you will also find a number of quite unusual approaches. In the field of facial care you will not find many spray products. Our selection lists Covestro’s idea of a Make-up Prime Spray. C.H. Erbslöh’s Anti-Ageing Facial Spray promises an effect sought by the majority of female users. Kobo with their Anti-Ageing Facial Spray for Men in this context even offers a solution suitable for men. If, however, you are looking for ideas in the field of body care you might find the Foaming Foot Scrub from Vantage Specialties or the Deo Shower Mousse from Zschimmer & Schwarz more appealing.

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