Oktober 2015

Schwerpunktthema: Colour & Style

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Colour & Style

Colour trend inspired by nature’s jazzy hues

The Alive range, as part of BASF Care Creations’ Colour Trends 2017, comprises saturated and intense shades, such as luscious greens, bold blues and popping pinks that are reminiscent of juicy berries and vibrant fruits. Its launch follows extensive market research by the company and its trend scouts, who identified the most significant cultural energies that are set to impact beauty trends in 2017.

Front cover picture: Kubais, Shutterstock.com

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Sparkle up

Striking effects in cosmetic applications

What colours will dominate the upcoming trends of 2016? And what dazzling effects can be created with the help of pearles-cent pigments based on glass flakes in both colour cosmetics and personal care products? Xenia Petsitis and Angela Carmen Traut from Merck explain what it takes to create tomorrow’s blockbuster products.

photo: Luba V. Nel, Shutterstock.com

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Corneosticker DS

The new soft focus generation

Today women want their skin to be perfect while also being able to create a ‘zero blemishes’ complexion with instant and long-lasting effects. In answer to this trend, Codif R&N has developed Corneosticker DS –a high precision tool which acts both immediately and in the deep layers of the skin for a skin perfecting action.

photo: Svetlana Fedoseyeva, Shutterstock.com

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Digital China

China: Online business for consumer goods

The triumphant appearance of online sales platforms in China will have tremendous potential in the future. Here you will find out the juicy details on this promising distribution channel and what to consider if you want to get involved with your brand.

photo: Bevan Von Weichardt, Shutterstock.com

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Determination of MOSH and MOAH

Testing methods for Lipcare products

Due to a recent recommendation issued by the German Federal Institute of Risk Assessment, state-of-the-art technology should be used to reduce the MOAH content in cosmetic products. This article shows the challenges of this assessment and the advantages of a two-dimensional gas chromatography technology.

photo: Alex Stand, Shutterstock.com

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MakeUp in New York 2015

The latest fashion in colour cosmetics

Take a closer look at what was on show at MakeUp in New York from September 9 – 11 and get to know the innovative products selected for the Innovations Trees  presented in New York and also at the show in Paris in June. The Innovation Tree is a feature first in-troduced in Seoul and after that in Paris, and which has premiered at the show MakeUp in New York from September 9 – 11.

photo: LF Reverso

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Luxe Pack Monaco 2015

Inspiring avantgarde solutions

COSSMA's preview helps you to obtain a summary overview of the latest developments in the luxury packaging industry. The 28th edition of Luxe Pack Monaco 2015 will take place from Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 October in the Grimaldi Forum. New spaces in the Forum will enable more than 450 exhibitors to present their novelties, with 15% exhibiting for the first time.

photo: Solev

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Our compilation with formulations from many different suppliers, reflects how much potential there is still to be found in the field of anti-ageing. The formulations that we found particularly striking were the Pro-radiance Illuminating Tightening Mask from DKSH and the HydraTherapy Sleep Time Mask from Lonza. craze at the moment and has become part of the daily beauty regimen of more and more women. Of course, our selection also include ideas for serums that have become very popular recently.

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